We had a July 4th party at our home last night, and it was a great success, however Mikey ate tons of dessert and consequently couldn’t fall asleep until 11:30 p.m.  I kept trying to turn off his bedroom light and the hall light, and he would sit up and bed and demand them to be turned back on.  (They are usually left on until he falls asleep.)  I just wanted to go to bed…

Anyway, we had dessert leftover, so Michael was already planning when he would be able to have another cupcake.  I told him this morning that he could have one after lunch, and as promised, because  he and Pierce both had decent lunches they got to have cupcakes.  I gave Pierce half of one to eat while he was in his high chair, and we all sat down at the table.  Since they both diddle around and take forever to finish eating, I usually get bored and think of some chore I can get done while waiting to clean up the post meal disaster that is always of epic proportions.  Well…. that was an understatement…  Off I went to make my bed  and get changed, and Mikey comes in and tells me to come and see the mess Pierce made.  Naturally, I knew it would be ridiculous, but I figured Michael could forewarn me about the extent of the devastation–was the baby just messy or was the whole kitchen trashed?  I was told to just come and look at Pierce…that  didn’t bode well for me.  Upon entering the room, there are cupcake crumbs both large and small on the floor, all over the table, and mashed into a nice lather with the frosting all over Pierce and the high chair tray.  It was DEFCON 4 as far as needing to take and immediate and intensive type of action.  First: photos, and lots of them–there may never again be evidence of a force of nature this destructive in documented history.   There was cake/frosting shampooed into his ears, hair, eyes, and all the other normal places.  Then he grabbed the blinds…  There was no choice but to put him clothed in the sink immediately and bathe him.  Of course he had to leave his mark on everything within his grimy little hand’s reach.  I was wishing I could just hose out the kitchen and everything in it.

Once I had Pierce clean, we were planning to go out and play in our backyard where we have a kiddie pool, so I just dried him off and let him take off .  When I got outside, he had played around the side of the house by his swing.  I knew this because he left a pile of evidence.  More clean-up…  I guess when you’re squatting down to look at something and the feeling moves in your belly, you just take it. 

After, this nice little surprise, I decided to cut Mikey’s hair on the back porch, which meant more clean up…  At least that was MY choice!

Then we finally get to play in the kiddie pool.  I have a couple of (sort of ) waterproof beach blankets that I put on either side of the pool to keep the boys from tracking grass clippings into the water, but being that the pool takes up all the space from the house to the fence, I have to walk through it to put the blanket down on the other side.  Let it be known that we just cleaned it with bleach and added new water so it wouldn’t be a Petrie dish with a slimy bottom.  Also, let it be known that I am not a skinny girl.  Now you can imagine the delight Michael took in watching me slip and slide all over the pool until I came down with a momentous splash, getting  both the blanket and me soaked.  Of course, he wanted me to do it again.  Thankfully, Murphy’s Law got a little bored after that, allowing a little calm to settle over the house,  but there are still more hours in the day and miles to go before we all sleep…