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Pierce’s pattern of waking up like he’s in a pile of fire ants has been an ongoing and FUN study in personality over the last 21 months.  Truly, it probably wasn’t like this when he was a little infant, but because of the horrible stress of being awakened by a screaming alarm clock way too early—my memory fails to see back that far. 

This morning was no different.  The only thing”s” that made it worse, was the 5:45 a.m. and the fact that watched a scary movie called “Insidious” last night.  The flick was about a family whose child was an astral projector (his spirit would travel out of his boy while he was sleeping).  Apparently, the soul got too far away to get back and the child’s body went into a coma state.  In the meantime, all these other spirits and demons were trying to take his over his body.  It was very creepy.  Every time the mother was alone in her home, she would see all these ghosts wandering around outside the windows and in the corners of rooms.  Compound my interest in the supernatural and the fact that I have joked about Pierce waking up thinking he’s in a past life as a marine on Guadalcanal freaking out about another day in that horrible existence; and I’m a little afraid to go into his room to mollify.  I might see someone in his room!

I finally got up the nerve, and it was just the usual sob story.  I gathered him up in my arms and sat down in the chair to snuggle and snooze some more.  Unfortunately, My little, darlin’, scream-a-pillar is getting a bit large to find sleeping on my chest comfortable, anymore. 

After about 30 minutes, we surrender to the day, and get up.  Michael is shortly to follow.  After the three of us have a nice relaxing breakfast together, my sweet boy decides to show me how good he is about taking his dish and spoon to the sink for me.  As he is checking to make sure I am ready with praise, he misses the counter, and the bowl and spoon hit the floor.  The bowl breaks enough to make it dangerous, but is still intact—sort of makes it hard to throw away.  It was so sad, I had to laugh!  Here’s Mikey trying to help and looking for validation, and he breaks the cereal dish.  Of course, he immediately cries “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do it, Mommy.”  Poor kid—I was fine, but he felt terrible about it.

One breakfast is cleaned up, I send the boys off to my bed to watch “Franklin”, and I sit down to decide what to post on my blog today.  I’m only a couple of minutes into deciding what yarn I am spinning today, and I hear a large “thwack” and Greg yells, “Owwww!”  Naturally, I thing G hit into our bed, since it can be a real shin biter.  Then I hear him say “Are you okay?”  followed by dramatic sobs, and “Mommy, I need you!”  It seems that Michael has taken to doing backward somersaults off the mattress  onto the floor.  Well he stuck the landing on this one—his ear hit the bed rail.  It was immediately turning black and blue, with a large knot and little bit of blood behind the ear.  I was a little shocked, but I immediately got a cold pack and some ibuprofen.  He took a while to calm down, but he’s lying in bed watching TV, and he’s very subdued.  Maybe I should knock him on the head every time he gets too wild!

It’s only 7:50 a.m… and miles to go before I sleep…

(Morning Sickness–Ya’ll thought I was going to have some news for you didn’t ya!)