Both of our boys have had minor anomalies that required surgery.  Mikey had a hydro seal which is where fluid leaks from the abdominal cavity down into the scrotum—this often happens to infants, but the pathway in which the fluid moves usually seals itself off.  In Michael’s case it seemed to get worse, between the age of two and three.  At a certain point one of his balls was very impressive and sort of purple.  I thought that maybe he was just “hung like bool”!  Nope…  He needed surgery to drain the fluid and seal off the point where it was leaking from the abdomen.  It was an outpatient procedure, but required anesthesia, so it was pretty unnerving.  The one good thing we thought we would get out of this was a mellow boy for the remainder of the day—again—no such luck.  He was totally normal with no pain by 3:00 that afternoon.  Mind you, we got home at about 1:30.  It’s a great time trying to keep a three-year old from busting out stitches for two weeks!  Lesson here—don’t get too smug when you think your child is really well endowed—it’s probably a hydro seal.

Pierce was born tongue-tied which is where the membrane that attached the tongue to the bottom of the mouth extends all the way to the front end of the tongue.  We would see when he cried that it seemed to stay in the bottom of his mouth.  With concerns for future speech issues he was scheduled for a frenulectomy.  It was again an outpatient surgery, however much to our surprise it was done without local anesthetic AND a scissors!  We were horrified, but true to his mellow nature—Pierce cried for a moment and was over it!  What a gem!