Why does Pierce walk like a chimpanzee?  It is amazing that this kid doesn’t fall over on his face constantly. 

Why can’t Mikey go to the bathroom without getting more urine on the floor than in the toilet bowl?

Why is sharing so hard?

Why are fine tune motor school totally absent in boys—at least Michael?  Will he ever be able to hold a spoon and eat without the aid of his other hand?  Better yet, will he ever be able to write?

How is it possible that one small human being can have so many questions?

Can the persistent will of a child follow him through his adult life?

Why can’t Mikey throw any of his broken toys away?  He wants to keep EVERYTHING!

Why can’t Pierce wake up without crying his face off?

Why does Michael think he needs a new toy every time we leave the house?  Don’t answer that!

Why am I already tired by 7:30 in the morning?

Does watching “Supernanny” with the boys give them ammunition to use against me, or teach them how NOT to behave?

Will Michael ever stop moving?  He’s like a shark—if he stops moving, he’ll die.

How does Mikey remember things that happened when he was 18 months old?

Why is it necessary to use the food you’re eating to style your hair, Pierce?

Why does going out into public seem to be a license to go a little bit crazy?

How is it that two children from the same parents can be sooooo very different?  The question of the ages!

Why don’t my children sleep in?

Why is good parenting so difficult?

Why is it so hard to anticipate the long-term result of a parent’s choice of discipline or lack there of?

Are all little kids really smart?  Or just mine?

How can Pierce be so mellow and yet so stubborn and quick to anger—I didn’t know that combination was possible?