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Thanks to Amazing Cosmetics, Pierce looks very, VERY young!

In preparation for Mikey’s birthday party tomorrow, I was busy doing the flight of the bumblebee to get everything clean.  I cleaned the boys’ bathroom while they were in the tub, and Pierce got out again and peed on the floor.  I made it abundantly clear that he is to use the potty chair with violent gestures toward said chair and lots of loud exclamations. 

Once the boys were dressed and content to play with toys while watching something on Nick Jr., I told them that I was going to take a shower and clean my bathroom.  It’s always fun to scrub the shower while getting myself clean.  The fumes from the bleach sort of make me swoon.  Other than that, it was thankfully uneventful.  When I was finished and onto scrubbing the toilet and floor, Pierce comes in to visit.  He likes to look at himself in the mirror, brush his teeth, and rifle through my make-up drawer.  The latter doesn’t please me.  Today he grabbed my concealer and started to head out of the bathroom.  I told him to put it back, and went back to what I was doing.  There’s that great follow through!  A while later Mikey walks in with my tube of make-up sans lid and tells me “Pierce was playing with this.”  Oh crap!  My “Amazing Cosmetics” concealer was obviously being used somewhere my home.  What makes it so “amazing” is how much I had to pay for it, and how it takes me from 40 to 20 in five minutes—it’s coverage is pretty darn awesome!  It was also amazing how it took my dark brown leather sofa to skin tone in a matter of minutes, too—and Pierce’s hands, shirt, shorts, my coffee table, my shirt, my desk chair, and a couple of spots on the carpet.  Thankfully, oh so thankfully, not the new carpet!  It came out of everything except the clothes—the jury is out on that until I feel like doing more laundry.  The make-up is very concentrated, so he managed to paint all those things with a relatively small amount, so I have plenty left of my million dollar make-up; and I he gets to live!