It’s the night before Michael’s first day of kindergarten, and I am nervous.  As I stated earlier this week, he’s not excited, so dropping him off should be interesting.  It’s sort of strange that I am going to have seven hours a day five days a week with only one child.  I think, no, I’m sure I’ll adjust quickly, but I still think I will be lonesome for him.  What I’m not ready for is the schedule:  getting out of the house by 8:00a.m., picking him up at 3:00p.m., figuring out when to do homework, play, eat dinner, bathe, wind down, and go to sleep.  Mr. Focus is a little hard to keep on task, so I fear some real control struggles in the near future.  I also think it will be important to make the most of our weekends as a family.

I finally put the boys to bed at 7:30pm after another day with no nap and more birthday party festivities for a friend of ours.  After reading a book to Mikey, he was asleep in 10 minutes.  Meanwhile, it’s now been thirty minutes, and I can still hear Pierce goofing off in his crib and saying “Weeeee!”—Lord knows what he’s doing, it there; I can’t figure out why he’s not sleeping…


Morning of the First Day…


Woke up, ate breakfast, made a lunch—pretty much the usual routine.  Once the boys were dressed and playing, I got showered and made-up with the intention of seeing Michael off to his teacher and then meeting the other moms in the cafeteria for a “Whooo Hoooo” or “Booo  hooo” breakfast. 

Lilly SET HER ALARM!!!  And came down to see us off to school—WOW!  We took some lousy pictures and set out at about 8:10.  It took us maybe 10 minutes to get to school, and another 10 minutes to get through the parking lot!  I even came in the back way, thinking I was the only parent that knew the “secret” way to school.  Maybe I should have had more education, myself, since that was pretty dumb thinking.  Michael was thoroughly entertained by all the school buses coming and going, he didn’t even seem nervous, although earlier at home he told me he was going to kick the school down, and if he found any golf balls on the playground he was going to throw them at people.  Finally, I said to him that he had a choice:  he could go to school and be miserable and ugly or he could go and have as much fun as he could muster—either way, he was still going to school. 

So, I am watching the clock and waiting for the light to turn green to turn into the parking lot.  Not a single parking space anywhere…  Finally, we get to the drop off curb, so I decide to stop there hoping I can leave my car to take Mikey to the cafeteria to meet his class—it’s now 8:32 and school starts at 8:35.  There is a nice lady named Ms. Davis waiting at the curb to escort children to their classes.  She tells me that if I want to go with my child I need to find a parking space, but she can also take him for me.  I know if I try to find a parking place, I’ll never get back to Michael before he starts class.  It feels like “Sophie’s Choice”.  I have to make an impromptu decision to let Mikey go with this lady.  Thankfully, he said he was fine with it!  And I watched my sweet, little boy walk away holding the hand of another lady…  I didn’t cry, but it was really hard for me to absorb that he is beginning the process of being his own person…  God bless his sweet soul, and be with him always.