As I spent my free time walking four miles in 9000 degrees, and puttering around TJMAXX—I couldn’t stop wondering about my school boy.  With Pierce snoozing in the jogging stroller and ruining his future afternoon nap, I plotted the rest of my day.  It was a pretty relaxing and uneventful day until 2:30 p.m. when I left to pick up Mikey.  It took me 15 minutes to get there and 40 minutes in the car line to get to the curb where he was waiting for us.  Good thing I had a plastic bag, good music and my phone.  You may be wondering about the plastic bag.  It’s to put over Pierce’s head when he starts screaming because he is bored with waiting in the pick-up line.  Just kidding…  I used it to entertain him.  We played tug-o-war and made noise while we were waiting. 

We eventually arrived at the curb, and there was my sweaty little boy waiting with the teachers and other students to be shuffled to his ride.  He actually liked school!  I asked him to tell me what he learned and our running joke is that he learned “paper.”  I had to prod to get information out of him, but slowly I learned about his day.  He likes his teacher and a boy who sits at his table.  Apparently, he kept calling this child “Gabin”  (Gavin) because he looked like a boy named Gavin that he liked at his old school.  Mikey said that “the teacher  got kinda fwust-er-ated with him.”  She called him over and told him that he shouldn’t call people names—that it wasn’t nice.  Unfortunately, Mikey didn’t have the wherewithal to tell her why he kept calling this boy by that name.  Oh well…  No biggie. 

My sister-in-law told me to ask him his favorite part of the day.  She said some of the responses are pretty funny.  Mikey said he liked the playground time the best.  Pretty typical…maybe it can be used as leverage to get him to sit still and focus.  I also asked him if they sang any songs today, and he told me that he got to go to the music room.  He said “there was this guitar that was called a zither, and it sounded really beautiful.”  I guess the music teacher played it for the students.  I thought that was pretty cool!

The last question I hated to ask but did anyway was if he was moving around and had to be told to sit down.  I got the answer I suspected… yes.  Confirming my understanding, I posed it a little differently, and the conclusion, was that she did ask him to sit down and that she didn’t have to tell that to any of the other kids.  Hopefully, he will outgrow this uncontrollable activity.

He never really showed evidence of not having his usual nap, but he did complain of a sore throat at bedtime and was asleep by 7:45.

The only first day of this kind he’ll ever have has concluded and all is well.  Let’s see how day two goes…