It’s only 7:30am and Mikey’s up to his usual antics.  He brought out his camera and told me he was taking pictures of his ” hoo hoo”, which he knows will get him in trouble.  Next, he wants to know if I want to see it?  Really I just want the situation to go away—or the camera.  It’s a picture of his plaid pajama bottoms, thank god.  He asks me sarcastically “Did you think it was really beautiful?”  How can someone who act like he’s 30 be afraid to go to school?  I wish he’d show this side of himself to his class—not the hoo hoo side, but the sense-of-humor!

Next, I find him in the living room, snuggling on the sofa with “Nummy” his stuffed lamb.  He’s talking in this sweet high-pitched voice and telling her how much he loves her.  It’s really cute.  Then he tells me, “Nummy’s sick, Mommy.  She needs to have a doctor.”  (I think he means a doctor’s appointment.)  That’s a fun new game for him.

Quickly, I escaped his crazy antics and took Pierce on a 5 mile walk with a friend.  When I came back, Mikey was playing video games and talking to Thomas the cat on Daddy’s phone.  This combination always makes for high energy that is quick to get on my nerves, what with the list of demands and high pitched screams.  Finally, I coaxed both the boys into a bath, and we got ready to go to Nana’s for Auntie Angie’s birthday party.

Nana lives in a small condo that is the perfect size for her, but when the whole family shows up with their broods in tow it can get a little crazy.  Four children five and under—three of them boys—well, you get the picture.  We had fun, but it wasn’t without its tears, threats, yells and wrestling.  Speaking of wrestling, Uncle John told Michael that if he wasn’t good at school, he would “drop a power bomb” on him.  My little guy  just kept pleading “Don’t Uncle John, Don’t.  Are you just teasing?  Don’t.”  I thought he got that we were giving him a hard time, but the next second, I see eyes welling up with tears.  Uncle John, being the big softie that he is, felt terrible.  Scooping Mikey up into this arms and consoling him—all was well within a matter of minutes.

Finally!!  Date night!!!  The boys went to Grammy and Papa’s after the birthday party, and Greg and
I went to Jax to meet some friends.  The boys watched a fight on the big screen, talked Steelers football, and whatever other stupid guy stuff.  Meanwhile, Christina and I got down to the serious stuff like talking about design, gossip, and playing “words with friends”.  I mean really, what sounds more interesting?  I thought so…

Being the old farts that we are, we were dying for our waitress to return with our bill by 10:45pm, and we were home in bed by 11:30.  The best part was sleeping in until 8am!  And then laying in bed watching TV and playing games on our Nooks until we felt like getting up.  It’s amazing how we did that for eleven years before we started a family, and had no idea that it was a luxury.  What will be bittersweet is when we are able to do that again because our children are grown, and we long for the sweet sounds of little feet and little voices prodding us to get up.  It’s never perfect except for when it’s a departure from the routine.