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Whooooo Hooooo!!!!  Today was uneventful!!!!  No phone calls, no kicking and scratching, just peace love and understanding—what’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?  Nothing—except I don’t have much to talk about.

When Mikey got in the car after school, I asked him about his day.  Typically it all went well, but he could remember no details.  How is this possible?  The kid was like an elephant, now he’s like a blissful Alzheimer’s patient.  So I prod to get some answers—he had a “girl” cheese sandwich for lunch.  He had his class picture taken as soon as school started, which is good, since he came home all tatted up again.  Maybe he’ll open up Lake Mary Ink someday—I’m thinking that’s a little bit like jumbo shrimp—the combination just doesn’t compute.  I asked about his apologies to the girls he muscled yesterday in the car rider line, and he said that they told him it was ok.  He said “S. is so nice.”  I don’t know this child or her parents so I abbreviated the name.  I must do this now, as I have a new subscriber that appears to reside in Romania!!!!  I have graduated from just my wonderful friends and family enduring our daily antics.  Thanks to you, and welcome new reader!

Since all was well after school today, we went to visit Grammy and Papa, where we immediately consumed breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Then the Legos came out and found their way with Michael and Pierce’s help into various corners of the kitchen and family room.  That’s about when I decided our work was finished there and it was time to head home.  Just kidding… Instead Grammy, Papa, and I got into a battle of wits with Mikey to pick up all the Legos he dumped out after we warned him that he would be in charge of cleaning them all up by himself.  First he was being sassy, so Grammy told him he was DISgusting (which is his new favorite word).  Then he told her that she needed to get the dust pan so he could scoop up the little blocks, and she told him too bad.  The little lawyer argued that his hands were way to small to scoop them up and that they would just fall through his fingers.  And he kept trying to press his point home.  Grammy told him to use the container lid to pile them on and then dump them into the box.  While the two of them are brainstorming solutions, I have a pillow over my face to hide my laughter, and papa and I are passing glances at each other over the ensuing debate if you know what I mean.  Finally, it was decided that Mikey would stay the night because it would take that long to clean up if he didn’t get the lead out.  That usually motivates, since he’s partial to sleeping in his own bed.  It sort of worked, and we left shortly after.

Pierce, on the other hand, you hardly know is there.  I wish I could explain better what an easy little love he is.  He just plays quietly periodically coming over to give me a hug or crawl up on the sofa to snuggle up to me.  Today, I was on my laptop, and I see these big brown eyes peeking up over the top of my screen.  He was playing peek-a-boo, and giggling at our game.  He got into more trouble when both the boys were home and I was more distracted, but now we just hang out and enjoy each other’s company.

We were in Target today picking up some things and he was chatting with everyone that walked by.  I should have parked him at the front door, and he could be a greeter like they have at Walmart—he’ll just keep saying “hi” to everyone until they say “hi” back.  Then in the grocery area he just kept talking about “COOKAYS” at the top of his lungs: “I wan cookay!”  (I want cookie!)  Of course, pretty much everything has become a cookie at some point.  He got lots of attention from fellow shoppers—it’s good he’s charming, because he was also a little obnoxious!  We have a good time, and I think people see that, because we usually get a positive response from strangers.  Overall it was a good day.