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It’s Friday!  We made it through another week—on a good note, too!  No trouble at school.  Mikey even got out of the car this morning and forgot to take Nummy.  Pierce and I went home and spent our usual day together—the one where we hangout, have fun, and then 11 am rolls around and I have to brainstorm about what to feed him–which is just about the worst time of day next to dinner time.  He is getting over an ear infection and I see a two-year molar coming through the gums, so his appetite is worse than usual.  I truly thought wasn’t possible.  He won’t eat a single vegetable, EVER!  He loved all fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, etc.  Notice the emphasis on “ed”.  Suddenly he seems bored with all these things, yet unwilling to try anything new. Today he had crackers and a banana with peanut butter.  He picked the peanut butter up with his fingers—yes, I know, how does this work?  Well, you can imagine the mess.  Then add to that the image of eating a few banana slices and then squeezing the rest until they squish through his clenched fists.  Don’t forget that we still have dinner to worry about later:  Pizza with friends here at the house.  Similar scene with Pierce—ate a couple pieces that I cut up for him and dropped the rest on the floor.  It doesn’t change no matter how I discipline.  He’s just not very afraid of my wrath.  If I could feed him PB & J sandwiches for every meal, I would.  It’s the only thing that he will eat consistently. 

Speaking of friends over, my friend Mary and her two kids came to play last evening.  She is one of those people who I just adore, but don’t get to spend time with nearly often enough.  Mikey and Pierce like playing with Hudson and Olivia who are ages five and eight.  Mary has a real swimming pool, so I was surprised when they wanted me to inflate the kiddie pool I found for $5.  It was chaos with four kids, a five foot mud puddle and them controlling the hose.  I had to watch Pierce closely, just because he’s so small, and at one point Olivia brought him over to us.  He got in the pool before I could put a swim diaper on him, so his regular one swelled up so large it looked like he had an inner tube on in some new fangled way, if you can visualize.  The best part is that Mary, in her infinite style and overall cuteness, came dressed stylishly from work, and Olivia was busy trying to hand her Pierce soaking wet and muddy.  I finally caught on as she was casually trying to keep him at an arm’s length.  Actually, no, I didn’t catch on until she told Olivia to “bring him to his mother.”  We howled with laughter at the predicament she was put in.  Then in an effort to control the chaos, she asked me if we should turn the hose off.  Being the marvelously helpful person that she is, she got up to go take the hose from the kids, to turn off the water at the spray nozzle.  Unfortunately, and yet fortunately because it was sooooo funny, Hudson kept aiming the spray at her as she tried to get closer to “grabbing the gun”.  Eventually, in our laughter and desperation, I told her where the hose bib was on the wall.  So we outsmarted them after all.  Then in true redneck style, we got out the soap and gave them their daily baths in the back yard.  It was quite an evening, but I think Mary and I need a play date for just moms!