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It feels like Groundhog Day; same issues with going to school this morning—the usual slamming and locking of doors, threatening to say naughty words, endless commands to turn around and go home, and ultimately tears upon exiting the car.  Apparently, he doesn’t like Physical Education, although, last week he did.  Anyhoo, it’s always good to live in anxious dread the day of PE.  Whatever, I’m tired of talking about it.

The highlight of the day was waiting in the car line up and hearing the back window roll down.  It seems Pierce has figured out how to work the power window on his side.  While we were waiting, I thought I would put it back up and then watch to see him reach over to put it back down.  Armed with the camera on my phone, I was ready to capture the moment.  As I do contortions to turn around in the driver’s seat to see over my left shoulder and try to snap a photo, I learn that he is using his toes to operate the button.  He’s even got great fine tune motor skills in his feet!  Amazing!

That’s what I got, People!  That’s it, today!