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I thought I always put a lot of stock in the full moon and its influence on the body and mood.  But I’m finding today that I think it has even more credibility.  We have had a very stressful couple of days with lots of conflict and control struggles; hence today’s blog written yesterday. 

Last night I heard Greg talking to Mikey about his behavior toward me, especially in the mornings on the way to school.  He spoke very firmly conveying that enough was enough with the back talk and not listening.  Either Dad wields crazy influence, or the full moon peaked yesterday and along with its waning, so goes the tension.

 Today was a smooth day, and I am grateful.  The ride was good to school.  I could tell that Mikey wanted to express his grievances about going as well as the day’s itinerary, but he thought better of it.  When we got back to the house, Pierce and I went for a four mile walk—well I walked and Pierce snoozed.  I try to vary my route to fend off boredom—lord knows between that and the heat it’s a lot easier to just stay home on the sofa.  Today we went through the surrounding neighborhoods, where my dormant design career resurfaces in my mental judgments both kind and cruel.  Seriously—why does anyone want to own a single home when they obviously hate yard work—that’s what townhouse and condo living are all about.  I sure do love the occasional home with the manicured landscape and stylish paint palette and elevation.  It’s rarer than you’d expect, especially in a struggling economy.  I like to fantasize about what I would do if I owned some of the homes I see.  It kills lots of time, along with my dream of winning the lotto.  I’ve got big BIG plans, so c’mon Universe!!!

Then it was back home to do nothing for a little bit.  During this time I check my email, play word games on my nook and fight off Pierce’s constant climbing up to hug, snuggle, or jump on me.  That kid is the most affectionate child ever!  I quite enjoy it—I wish I could get a little more out of Mikey.  Then we look at letters on my nook while I’m playing word games, and I tell him what they are.  He already recognizes “S”, “O”,”U”, and others that I can’t remember right now.

When we picked up Michael, he was delightful!  We went home and other than obvious fatigue that shortened his patience more than usual for a five-year-old, he was pretty darn good.  His writing skills are really improving, and he loves practicing, which makes life a lot easier.

Bath time was the highlight of the evening.  While the water was running, I was looking for more soap under the sink which is about four feet away.  With my back momentarily turned, I see Pierce come through the door.  Usually he throws his potty chair bowl in the bath—not a big deal since I can’t get him to use it for anything other than a bath toy.  I turned to shut off the water, and who’s sitting fully clothed in the bathtub?  Yep, NOT Mikey!  Rather than get him stripped, I ran for the camera.  I don’t know why I felt so compelled to photograph this today; after all, didn’t he just walk fully clothed into a public fountain two days ago?  I’m guessing as the schedule indicates, there’ll be another Kodak moment on Thursday.

It was something else to try to get his wet clothes off while he was in the water, since I didn’t want him dripping all over the place.  Plus, he would have lost his mind if I took him out of the tub—much better to risk drowning. 

The soap suds are another of the great entertaining features of a bubble bath.  Picking them up like snow balls and then clapping your hands together so they splatter, or blowing on them really hard and fast so that they fly everywhere like snowflakes makes for tons of fun!  And mess…  Finally, I had to rein them in, and get the boys dried off and ready for bed, but not before Pierce streaked around the dining room table three times in a blur of skin and giggles.  It’s the end of a good day, thank heavens!