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Since our house is pretty compact, I’ve been kicking around the idea of putting bunk beds in Michael’s room and moving Pierce in there when he’s ready to leave the crib.  They do all their playing in there, and they seem to enjoy being together.  Besides, I’m tired of protecting Mikey from “ghosties”; now it’s Pierce’s turn.

I would convert nursery into a television room with a couple of chairs and hopefully my treadmill that my aunt is kindly storing at her place.  It could be a space for the boys to play video games and watch tv as they get older. 

Now I have the list of concerns:  Do I want the cost of purchasing bunk beds.  Will the boys keep each other awake?  Is there enough room since both bedrooms are pretty small?  Is the age gap going to become an issue sooner than I think causing a giant waste of money?  Well, we aren’t making a decision for a while yet, so who knows…  I do know that they like to be together.

Last night at bedtime I promised Mikey I would read him a book.  Pierce got wind, and was joining us no matter what!  Up he climbed on the bed with Dr. Suess in hand, and proceeded to kickback and read “Green Eggs and Ham” while Michael and I were making our reading selection. 

“The Three Little Pigs” it is!  The three little Donovan’s crawled into one tiny twin bed and settled down to read the old classic.  I didn’t remember that the wolf was so persistent in his efforts to eat the pigs.  I mean, of course I remember that he ruined their little houses except for the brick one.  But, man, he just kept coming back for more, trying to trap the “smarty pants” pig into meeting him at various places,  so he could “show” him around—yeah show him around his digestive track!  I didn’t remember all the subsequent attempts on these pigs’ lives from when I was little!  I was grateful to hear that they foiled him and lived happily ever after!

Bedtime!  Pierce snuggled down next to Michael like he was right where he’s supposed to be.  I asked Mikey if I should let his brother sleep with him.  He said “No.”  I responded that I wouldn’t allow it any way, he might fall out of bed in the night.  True to Michael’s nature:  suddenly he wanted his brother to stay, after I told him he couldn’t. I swear that child would argue with a fence post!

The boys were quickly settled into their own beds, and sleep was creeping in around the edges.  Yay!  Two more Episodes of Mad Men, here I come!