Pierce get’s lonesome for Mikey during the day.  We have a picture frame that is for Michael’s first day of school 2011; unfortunately, I failed to take horizontal photos on the first day, so we had to reproduce day one on day two of school.  Anyway, I finally got a picture developed and inserted it in the frame.  For the first couple of days, Pierce grabbed it off the entertainment center and carried it around the house.  I’ve found it in his room and various other places—evidence that he’s tired of playing with his “brother!”

The two of them have discovered a new routine after bath time.  Pierce already assumes his practice of bolting out of the bathroom after I have dried him off but before dressing him, and running like a lunatic around the dining room table.  Naked and squealing, he frolics until I outsmart him, stalking him in the opposite direction until he runs into my arms.  It’s really amusing. 

The newest addition to the after bath itinerary is both boys running down the hallway into the great room between the back of the sofa and the dining room table.  When they hit the carpet, they throw themselves down and roll like stuntmen.  It’s harder for Mikey because the space in small, but Pierce practically swan dives.  Head lolling from the whiplash of impact, he rolls like a barrel in to the chair or sofa bringing his momentum to another abrupt halt.  He’s like a giant rag doll that laughs at catapulting himself into things.  Well, as the saying goes—it’s always fun until somebody loses an eye (or breaks a bone which is a bigger probability in this case.)