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Michael’s writing improves daily!  It is so cool to watch the progression.  We played Shutes and Ladders today and Pick-Up Sticks—I bought the games to develop motor skills and sequencing, and I was impressed with the motor skills, but the sequencing took a little explaining on the game board. 

As I am trying desperately to remember the interesting events of the day, dad sits on his throne at the center of the living room and the boys are picking at each other while playing with blocks on the coffee table.  Dad’s having trouble seeing Sports Center through Michael’s table dance, and Pierce thinks his brother is setting up blocks for him to knock down.  Mikey has other plans, so the end result is fighting and whining.

I just had to holler in “Mom voice” at my five-year-old to quit jumping from the coffee table to the sofas.  I have this conflict at least once a day, and I have visions of one of them breaking.  I’m in no position to replace them, and add to that the fact that I really like them and don’t want them beat up!  Thank god for my previous job with Ethan Allen and great employee discount—I have better furniture than I could have afforded, and it wears like iron. 

Dad has come to my rescue.  He’s bathing the boys right now, so the only noise I have in my ear is ESPN because I am too lazy to get up and change the channel.  It’s such a part of our marriage that I don’t even hear it anymore — it’s like having one of those soothing sounds machines on, only not that soothing.  Bath time doesn’t last very long, so my ESPN meditation will end soon, I suspect.

Actually, I can distantly hear the clear sweet pitched chatter of Pierce and Mikey while they play a little bit in the tub.  I predict some nude streaking in our very near future.  It just isn’t bath time without it.  Yep, cupid just ran by squealing and chasing his big brother—(also naked.) Here they come again—running down the hall, throwing themselves to the floor, and rolling.  I just saw little buns marching down the hallway—wait they’re back.  I’m beginning to wonder where dad is—oh!  Here he comes—fun time is over, time to get dressed. 

Our day has been pretty typical—good with just a couple of bumps, but now it’s time to crack the whip and get these toys picked up before T.V. time.