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 Two days in a row Mikey’s friend Alyna has arrived at school at the same time as us.  Let me tell ya—my child no longer tries NOT to get out of the car!   It’s so cute watching the two of them walking off to the cafeteria—it’s like Forrest-Forrest Gump and Jenny!  Mikey even made her a necklace with some alphabet beads strung together to make her name!  Tomorrow should be interesting… and cute!

Also, there is a boy in our neighborhood that is a really sweet kid—he’s eight years old, and maybe a little old for Michael’s antics, but he’s patient and fun.  He’s going to ride with us to school in the morning, so I think our school-going issues are truly going to disappear.   Yay!  I asked why he wasn’t riding the bus, and he said that there was a bully that he had to sit near that wouldn’t leave him alone, so his mom just brings him and his sisters to school.  After that stellar review of bus riding, I guess I’ll be driving in the car line until kingdom come…

This afternoon I finally decided to get working on a piece of furniture that has waited for my attention in the garage for six months.  Lilly came down with a piece she needs done, too, so we set up on the driveway and got down to the business of priming.  The boys played with the neighborhood boy who will be riding with us to school.  Matchbox cars, chalk, an easel, balls of all kinds, and various riding toys littered the front yard, but the kids were entertained and stayed nearby, looking out for each other while we prepped our pieces for the awesome finishes  and artwork to come!  Haha!!!  I’m thinking this little server will be black with a gold hang-up glaze and some kind of bird or butterfly painted on it in large-scale.  We’ll see what inspires me.  I think Lilly’s will be dark blue-gray with a silver hang-up glaze.  It feels good to be working on a project again.  The Festival of Trees at OMA is coming up in November, so I need something to give for auction.  I have another little silver nightstand that I am donating to Michael’s school to raffle off to one of the teachers on staff for Christmas.  I figure I’ll donate my pieces as a marketing tactic as well as an outlet to be creative until I have more time to devote to making this a business.  Maybe by the time that happens, I’ll have some name recognition in my community.  Who knows…  All I know is that I starve to create something often, and redoing stuff in my house gets expensive!

Time to put the boys to bed!  It was a good day!