I took the boys to my friend Mary’s house yesterday so we could all hang out.  They were the ones who came to my house about a month ago where they played in the kiddie pool and got redneck baths in the backyard afterwards. 

When we got there the neighbor kids were at the house playing, too.  Well, Mr.-can’t-play-in-the-sandbox–with-more-than-one-other-person was immediately put out by the kids roller blading and bicycling when he wanted their attention.  So the aloof attitude began…  He and Pierce went off to Hudson’s room to play with “new” toys while Mary’s kids played outside in the sunshine.

Pierce was his usual independent self–exploring and toddling around.  Mikey played inside for a while, and then everyone went out to the backyard by the pool.  Hudson and the neighbor boy dug in the dirt looking for roly-poly’s and palmetto bugs while Olivia and her friend played in the pool.  Pierce went back and forth between both in his life jacket just in case he fell in the water—which happens almost every time he’s near it.  Michael was all excited about going into the pool until he realized that we only had a donut floatie but no water wings.  Immediately, he was all out ornery because he wanted to swim but was too afraid without his “insurance policies”.  He sat in the doorway of Mary’s house and proceeded to play with the drapery panels and gripe about how he was NOT going to go in the pool.  I was mortified with his behavior.  I mean who cares that he wasn’t going to swim, but handling the window treatments brought down my wrath.  Or at least I thought so, but I had to rain down my wrath three times before he stopped trying to wrap himself in them while griping about not going in the pool.  Eventually, he found his spot at the outdoor table and watched the girls doing acrobatics into the water.  He mellowed out a little until he saw Pierce playing on an elevated ledge at the far side of the pool with Olivia and her friend.  Frightened that he would tumble in, Mikey went over, grabbed his brother under the arms and proceeded to carry him all the way around the water’s edge and over to me in the grass.  It was so tender how concerned he was. 

Finally after an hour of hanging out in the back yard, Michael realized that Mary’s house is very near the Orlando Airport so he could watch the jets flying in their entire sparkly splendor.  I warned my friend that we were in for a lot of repetition—“Look at that plane.  Does it get really big when it lands?  How huge is it?  When will there be another one?”  I believe we were asked those same questions in the same order 15 times.  It got to the point where were anticipating the dialog and laughing about its inanity. 

Mikey never did warm up much to his friends this time, which was embarrassing to me, but whatever…  We had a chat in the car about manners and behavior on the drive home.  Either he will agree ahead of time how to act next time we go to their house, or he’ll stay home…

We took a ride through downtown Orlando on the way home so that they could look at the “skyscrapers”, which those of you who know Orlando will laugh.  There are some big buildings, but hardly skyscrapers!