When I picked Michael up from school, Pierce was asleep.  As soon as my school boy got in the car he was asking—no—demanding to go to McDonalds.  We had just been there earlier this week, so the answer was no.  Having the attitude that he does these days, he went into a redundant spiral of “but I want to go to McDonalds.”  Over and over again for a couple of blocks.  I told him “no” a couple more times, and then I just pretended he wasn’t there.  At one point he said that if I said no again he was going to kick my seat.  I had this Halloween decoration to show him at home, so I told him that I had a surprise for him but if he wasn’t nice I wouldn’t show it to him.  Naturally he said “I’ll be nice now.”  I reminded him that he should be nice because it is the right thing to do, not to get something.  He stopped being ugly, though… 

Behind Lake Mary Elementary there is a shortcut that weaves through an older neighborhood and cuts through what’s left of the horse farms in this area.  There are some marvelous properties and homes.  When we got to the corner of the main road where this “secret” shortcut ends, there is a pasture that has three horses and, more recently, two goats. 

Today they happened to be right up next to the fence on the side street.  Pierce was still sleeping, so I pulled over, turned on my hazards and Mikey and I got out to visit the goats.  Apparently, they are treated like pets, because they came over to us immediately along with two of the horses.  We were able to pet all of them.  The billy-goat was a bit frisky if you know what I mean.  Every time the female would get attention from us, the male got ornery (and hornery!  I meant to spell that wrong so it rhymed.)  He even tried to mount her a couple of times.  Mikey asked me if they were fighting.  I told him that the one was getting frisky because he was jealous that the other one was hogging the new human visitors!  Thank God Michael didn’t see the long, skinny, prehensile, pink, thing sticking out from under Mr. Bill Goat’s belly.  With my son’s amusement with hoo hoo’s I didn’t want to give him anymore ammunition.

Pretty soon the female was baaahhhhing in her little munchkin voice, and the male was making some sort of weird barking noise followed by a sneeze when we would pet or talk to him.  We don’t know if it was a warning or just chatter, because he kept following us down the fence to our car.  Finally we left our new buddies after the most fun we’ve had together in a while.  I took photos with my phone—there pretty good!