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Pierce thinks Mikey hung the moon.  He tries to do everything his brother does from acrobatics to repeating words. 

Each evening, the boys watch a show in my bed before they go to sleep.  I can hear them in there wrestling, burping and doing other things that the sex made up of snips and snails does.  It’s as though Michael has his own trained monkey to command and sometimes torture.  It’s funny, though, he’s in one of his ‘fraidy cat phases, again, with Halloween on the horizon, so he wants to make sure Pierce is up on the bed watching tv with him.  That little guy is pretty tough–I think he could take any scary monster that threatens his big brother.  The bad part is that Pierce likes to slither down and check out what else is going on the house.  Mikey always comes after him, asking if I can “put Pierce back on the bed.” 

As I type, Pierce grabbed a school bus that was sitting on the sofa.  As soon as he appeared interested, his big, selfish brother swooped down and took it.  I guess there were enough other cars for my little one to be occupied with, because there was no drama other than me getting on Michael for being ugly.  In fact,” smarty pants” in his infinite naughtiness says, “Pierce likes when I take things away from him—don’t you Pierce?  Say yes.”  Guess who says “yes” in the perfect role of subject to king and “shows” me how wrong I was to scold Mikey.

Now, Pierce has a green car he apparently stole for Andrea and Marc’s the other night, and Michael is telling me he wants it.  I told him to leave it alone.  They both like to line up matchbox cars like a parking lot, so he says to me, “I’ll wait for him to line it up with the other cars, then I’ll just grab it because it’s too big to be with the other ones.”  A little OCD working to his advantage?  For all of his love for his little brother, he has plenty of love for torturing him, too.  He’s even trying to tell me that it’s his favorite car.  Really?  Now, he’s telling Pierce, “You’re tired of the green car, aren’t you?  So, I can play with it now.”

It’s finally quiet for a moment—I guess “Franklin” is pretty captivating.  Thank heavens for television!!!!