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 I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again:  Birth order is a magnificent thing in my case!  I get a lot of help with my kids from the family.  Auntie’s kids are all grown and Grammy and Papa are retired so they have been very devoted to the boys.  Mikey adores his auntie Kathy!  She has showered him with hugs and kisses, hours of playtime and most importantly (to him) presents. With Auntie living between Florida, The Bahama’s and Minnesota, neither of them get their fix as often as they like.

My sister just got back in town, and I don’t think Michael even knew she was here, but he asked me this morning, “Mommy, can this girl—“  I cut him off and said “No, Jeffery’s sister cannot come down, she’s too big to play with you. ” He cut me off and said, “No, Mommy.  Can this girl—Auntie?– come over and play with me after school?”  It was so cute!  I told him that she may not even be home yet from her trip to Minnesota, and if she was, she probably needed a day to recoup.  Mikey responds, “But we’ll see?  We’ll see, Mommy?”  (me) “Probably not, honey.” (Mikey) “But we’ll see?” (me) “Not today, Mikey.” (Mikey) “But we’ll see?  We’ll see?”  I gave up… “Sure…I’ll see…”

He sort of forgot about it in our attempt to get ready for school and get out of the house on time.  His friend, Jeffrey rode with us and together they serenaded me with a symphony of burps.  I know Jeffery was apprehensive about burping on command in front of “Mikey’s Mom”, but Mikey was so impressed that I had to laugh.

As they stampeded out of the backseat onto the drop off at school, I drove off and called Auntie to find out if she was back and tell her about her nephew’s desire to play with her.  She thought it was so sweet that she made time after school to come and play with the boys.

She just got a fancy new car, so all four of us were checking out the buttons and gadgets.  I was afraid the boys were going to wear out the motors in the windows, locks, and the sunshades.  Then while Pierce and I were in the passenger seat, Mikey and Auntie were in the backseat testing out the recliner with footrest behind me.  Apparently to make it work the front passenger seat has to move forward first, then the reclining motion kicks in.  As my knees slowly folded toward my mouth with Pierce squished somewhere in between, I was actually grateful it wasn’t my car, as beautiful as it is.  I had visions of the endless pranks played on me by my children from the backseat.  I guess there is a way to lock all the buttons in back there, but that would take a 12 week class and an engineering degree to learn all that stuff!

Eventually, I had to get them out of the car because it was just sensory overload.  Michael didn’t want to get out, so I offered to go get his big box of Legos and bring them out to the car.  I figured Auntie and he could play in the back seat, what with the mini fridge, DVD player and recliners.  I guess she wasn’t ready for that….

Back in the house, I got to get some laundry done while the three of them played in Mikey’s room.  After an hour with the Legos, it sort of made sense why she didn’t want them in her car!!!  They laughed and played and made Pierce perform for them—just an all around good time.  Mikey wanted her to stay forever, but she finally had to go home.  It was OK, though… because as she was leaving, Jeffrey showed up and softened the blow…  Another fun time with Auntie!!!!