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Another great full moon!  We awoke to screaming at 1:30 in the morning—yep—you know who!  I tried to let him cry for a while, but finally it was ruining my sleep.  Naturally, I did what is not recommended, because I’m a rebel like that.  I took Pierce into my bed.  Once again, we have two large adults perched on a sliver of a queen size mattress while one 25 lbs. boy and one 12 lbs. cat take up the rest.  Greg woke up and got out of bed for a bit, and when he came back, I think the little-big guy had dozed off.  I asked daddy if he wanted to put him back in his crib.  Neither of us wanted to yet, because we couldn’t handle the torture of more desperate cries should he wake up in transit.  We fell asleep enough to not kick Pierce out of bed at a certain point, but not enough to block out the sensation of the head in my ribs and the feet in dad’s back.  From the ceiling I am sure our three bodies made the perfect capital “H”, with a small fragment of pencil eraser left over at the bottom (Flanders, the curled up cat).  It was not ideal sleeping conditions!

At 6:10a.m., I here another little boy sneak into the room, and quietly tell me in my ear, “Mommy?  I just have to ask you a question.  I’m hungry.”  In my stupor, I am still sort of waiting for a question.  Then I realized that there was none forthcoming—“I’m hungry.”  That was the question–or statement rather…  I wished Mr. Turk, my high school English teacher, was around to set this kid straight on the difference between statements and questions.  It was cute none-the-less.

It was only minutes more of starvation before I came to his rescue.  What was the point of trying to get anymore sleep anyway—there was none of any quality to be had.  Tonight you’ll find me at the Ritz Carlton.  ( I wish…)


For all of you who get this tonight–oops!  Meant to post it tomorrow morning.