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We have two new pets! Sure, kill the dog and get two fish. Okay, so maybe they’re not equal, but it’s still more responsibility. Mikey won “goldie II” at a church festival over the weekend. He won “goldie” (number 1) last year, and sadly, within 24 hours the fish had gone to that great ocean in the sky (via the sewer system.) Not really sure the cause of death, but it maybe had something to do with a four year-old pulling a chair up to the bar and sticking his hand into the bowl. The goal was to urge fishy to swim by petting it. I guess it swam for its life, but couldn’t catch it. We have had fish several times, but I find them complicated to maintain. I had “Phil the fish” (a beta), Bud the Beta, and Warren Beta all at different times. Phil was very hard to lose, but I got kind of used to death by the time Warren’s number came up. We’ve had plecostomus and some other little teeny fish, but disease seems to always get the better of them. So here we are again…

We had to go to the pet store from the festival, because we had no water conditioner or fish food. We did, however, have a nice aerated three gallon tank in the attic from our other failed attempts at fish. While we were at the store, I splurged on another fish the same as Goldie II. “Fishy” was 13 cents—I may not be able to pay the mortgage this month because of it, but I did it anyway! They are settled in and seem content for now—hopefully they won’t get ICK, or whatever that disease is that rots their scales. I wish they had cooler names, but what do you expect from a kindergartener.