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Yesterday, while Mikey was home on his last day of convalescence, the three of us were preparing to take a nap in “mom’s” bed .  From the time both boys were born, I’ve enjoyed taking naps with them; they’re like having real live teddy bears!  So anyway, we were settling in for a nap, even though I didn’t have much faith that all three of us would actually be able to get to sleep—too much distraction.

Pierce was between Mikey and I.  I even turned toward the outside of the mattress so that my face wouldn’t be an invitation to start goofing off—it didn’t have much effect, since the wiggling and squirming had already begun.  I firmly told Pierce to lie down and go to sleep!  All became still and quiet suddenly.  Wow!  I really have a hold on this parenting thing!  Then very quietly I hear skkkkkkkkkrrrrrrrr  whooooooooo.  He is mock snoring—with the pretend whistle on the exhale!  Mikey and I are in stitches, although, mine are quieter than his.  He says to me, “Mommmy, Pierce is snoring!”  This went on a bit and then transitioned into fake burps, thoroughly amusing himself as well as really sending Michael over the edge.  Next, my newly two-year-old is shimmying backwards to the foot of the bed.  (Surely, it must be play time since they are laughing at me.)  I’m done—off to your crib, you monster!

Escorted to his jail cell, he, naturally, began to wail.  I figured as much, so I closed the door and went back to my bed… for 10 minutes, until he was sufficiently hyperventilating.  Then I rescued him from his “hard” time—Super Nanny would be so proud.  Back to my bed…not long, and the dog and pony show resumes as the mimic feigns sleeping, again.  Mikey and I even tried to ignore all attempts at humor.  We were both quiet for a bit, and then Michael couldn’t stand it anymore. Aaannndddddd weeee’rrrrrrrree off!  Back to his usual antics, and once again I couldn’t stand it and I put him back in his crib.  This time I closed his bedroom door as well as mine, and I went to sleep to the distant cries of my little monster.  I have no idea how long it went on, but I do know that all was quiet when I woke up from my snooze.