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It’s 8:15p.m., and I could really go to sleep. That is, if Pierce was asleep, but he got a bit of a nap today, so, he’s not quite ready, but soon—ready or not.  Daddy stopped after work for a couple beers with the guys, leaving me alone with my little monsters!  Getting Mikey back in the routine of school and getting caught up on the homework he missed is all a bit challenging.  For me, the pendulum kept swinging between the polarities—you know, the ones– “strangle” or  ”hug”?  He can sure become obstinate and contrary when he’s tired.  Pretty much whatever I tell him NOT to do he does at least one more time–immediately.    It’s pretty trying.

I sent him to his room at one point, to which he replied, “I’m too scared.”  That’s his customary response to not wanting to do something.  He went, after my voice (proudly, I might add) went to 1000 decibel.  After a bit I went in and lay down on his bed with him.  Pretty soon Pierce toddled in, and before I knew it, we were playing basketball and setting up the school bus tent.

In my infinite learning curve that is being a mom, I ordered him a great tent for his second birthday.  It was one of those that has the two separate rods that spring together like a “white” cane for the blind.  (I had to google the correct name.)  They slip in a pocket at two corners bending through the tent to the diagonal corner pockets, so they operate like skeleton to shape the thing like a pup-tent.  It sounds more complicated than it really is, but it definitely takes a little time to assemble and disassemble.  Anyway, several months back one of the rods bent beyond repair, because of rowdy use, and I never got around to ordering another one. 

Mikey and his somewhat alarming fetish for school buses, got a new tent for his last birthday from our neighbor, that is a long school bus.  The best part is that it simply folds in half and then in half again.  It pops up in seconds, and folds flat enough to store behind a dresser.  Once again, I over-thought the original tent purchase.  Here was simplicity at its finest and FUNNEST, and I was busy trying to get something state of the art.  Anyway, it has been a big hit!  The boys were playing in it tonight.  Pierce did the unimaginable feat of driving a school bus inside a school bus.  Check out the pictures—I kid you, not!

Ultimately, the time came where I had to figure out what to feed these evil geniuses.  Off to the kitchen.  As usual, Pierce is delightful at dinner time.  I am jumping through hoops to get him to eat some of the food I made for him.  He takes a couple bites, and then starts turning his head away and up in the air as though his is too good for such gruel.  Then finally, to drive his point home, he lifts himself up in his high chair, and lets one rip.  As I stare at him in horror (at least mock horror) he laughs heartily and says “toot”.  I gave up—let the smelly, snotty little you-know-what starve!!!  Just teasing—I did give up on feeding him, though…

I’m tired…  Happy Hour begins in five minutes.  The Happy Hour where I have both boys in bed, and things are quiet and nice for an hour before I surrender to my own droopy eyelids.