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Pierce is all over me right now while I am trying to figure out what to write about today. Unfortunately he had a good nap, so he’ll probably be up in my business for a while yet. We are sitting here with glow necklaces on like we just came from a Lady GaGa Monster Ball, but it’s only from Mikey’s Halloween loot—he didn’t want to wear his, so I am. I guess “I’m on the edge of glory”– inadvertently. Greg is watching the movie “Wyatt Earpp”, and I just looked up to see them skinning buffalo. You know, I like a fabulous cut of filet mignon and swear that I will never be a vegetarian. I need the protein too much, but I my skin crawled at the image of thousands of these beasts killed for their hides and left to waste—to the brink of extinction, no less. Didn’t somewhere in someone’s mind a small voice whisper “Shouldn’t I really be using all that I take?” and “Do I need this much?” I guess that thinking really can apply to anything: food, shopping, alcohol, stuff. I better stop judging… I believe I have heard that voice in my own head once a day for…oh… I don’t know…ever? Our insatiable need for experience is a remarkable thing. It’s a fabulous motivator as well as slow and methodical assassin, since it gives us purpose and reward, yet it can be insidious as it permeates our psyche making us feel as though the purpose and reward are our only definitions. I don’t even know why I am pondering this. I guess I don’t have anything of any consequence to write about, so I spew forth a stream of consciousness. As an artist, I want to try anything that I think is beautiful or stylish. Painting, drawing, designing, refinishing. The unfortunate thing is that this costs money and takes up space. Oh…and the other REALLY unfortunate thing is that my talents fell short at confidence and marketing—any takers? I starve to create, whether it’s buying a new area rug, reconfiguring the layout of my bathroom cabinetry to get a more custom look and extra storage, redoing a piece of furniture or drawing my children. Consequently, my time is not all my own, so I don’t have a lot of hours to devote to this, but I create in fits and starts. And it irritates the daylights out of me when I can’t find the space or the disposable income to do projects. Besides, what’s the point of projects that get stacked in a closet when finished? Whewwww….listen to me whine!!!!! I’ve given plenty away to get my name out there and to give me an outlet to be artistic, though, and that can never be bad. I hope that by the time I can do this stuff more seriously there may be some name recognition in my community.