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It was a pretty ordinary day yesterday…not much to tell.  But this weekend we have definitely been officially inducted into the “parental obligations to a school age child” club.  We have children’s birthday parties both days this weekend!  Okay, so it’s not riding roller coasters at Islands of Adventure or drinking German beer and eating wiener schnitzel at Willow Tree Café, but it has brought new friends into our lives along with the expected chaos.  Besides, they suffered through our recent birthdays.

But before all of this, I must go for a walk!  My friend is holding me accountable through guilt.  This was my text to her this morning (hoping to get out of it):  “Still feel like to doing this shit?  Can you tell I don’t?  I’ve been in a funk all week—sort of fighting something—or maybe it’s all the Halloween candy I’ve been stuffing in my gob.  I really need to get back to walking, but I really REALLY don’t feel like doing it!”  She responded:  “Lol!  Lazy—maybe tomorrow.”  Well, that’s all it took.  My former personal trainer/ become good friend, who has a body that won’t quit, but now exists purely on pop tarts since she left the training biz., only had to say that, I and I’m sucking it up.  Besides that, I’m lonesome for her company!  For the record, I’m not a very good business card for her former line of work—who knows maybe that’s why she doesn’t do it anymore!!  Ha!Ha!  I got the last laugh on that sexy vixen!!  Wait a minute…. No I didn’t—I’m still fat—and she looks awesome.  Damn it!!!  Where are my snickers bars—I need to cope…