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 I love that Pierce and Mikey adore each other so much.  Big brother definitely likes his role and especially enjoys encouraging Pierce to say and do things.  Sharing is the tough spot for both of them.  That’s not always a pretty scene of brotherly love.  It’s so funny the differences in their personalities.  One is needy, cautious, and wired and the other one is mellow, independent, and curious.  Both are wickedly stubborn when they decide on something, though, whether it’s rational or not.

Today, I took them to the park after school with Mikey’s friend Alyna along her mom and baby brother.  The two of them played together while keeping somewhat of an eye on Pierce.  Mr. P. played by himself all over the playground equipment, climbing and sliding, running and exploring.  Then as I am talking with Bonnie, I see that Pierce is exploring further and further away.  I hollered to him to “Run to me as fast as you can!”  Thankfully, this new game of our’s worked and he came booking it back over.  The park we went to is located between the middle school and the high school in the little ‘burb we reside in, and in it is this woodsy area with a short running trail that winds around the whole park—it’s about a half mile.  So, we decided to walk it with the kids like a little nature hike.  It didn’t take very long, but Pierce was enchanted.  At one point the trail runs between some tennis courts, a small pond and the public library.  I think we were looking for stray tennis balls, so I guess we slowed down enough for Pierce to wander off the “beaten path”.  I turn around to discover that his walk is taking him nearer and nearer the swampy pond—That siren of a swamp made him momentarily deaf to my calls.  Alyna ran to catch up with him which made him pick up his pace.  I had flashbacks to the zoo, and running into the water to get him—only a 100 times more frightening.  I finally got him and carried him a little further down trail to put more distance between him and that gleaming, taunting, jewel of a pond could hypnotize him into a swim.  Then there was a line of large rocks that create a sort of barrier between the trail and road that the kids found fun to climb on.  The older kids didn’t worry me.  I knew that they were smart enough to stay away from the road, but Mr. P—who knows what sense of adventure crosses his mind sometimes!  I scooped him up as we all prepared to go back to our cars to leave.  This made him very unhappy…very, very unhappy.  He didn’t want to be carried, and he certainly wasn’t ready to leave yet—I mean for God sakes, he had a whopper of a 15 minute nap, and half mile walk and an hour’s worth of climbing and sliding.  He was just getting started!  Oh yes, he was—getting started home!!! 

When we got our broods to the parking lot, the “little couple” was bringing up the rear.  I turned around to see a van coming, and my son taking up an awful lot of the road with his casual swagger, so I hollered to him to move over and watch out for the car.  He did, and the two of them ran to catch up with us.  I continued whatever I was saying to Bonnie and I heard some exclamation come from Michael.  Bonnie doesn’t say anything, and about 10 seconds later, it dawns on me.  (me)“Did he just say—“  (Bonnie)”Yep!”  (with a smirk)—He, for whatever reason, yelled out “Hooolllly Shit!” about God only knows what.  I was mortified; thankfully Alyna’s mom was amused.  We had a little chat in the car, and now I need to have a little chat with Dad.  That one’s his responsibility.