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35 year-old fifth grader

The other day when I was at the elementary school for a “teach in,” I was leaving the cafeteria after dropping Mikey there.  As I was walking out the door, I saw this boy, who was obviously a fifth grader, and I was astonished by his “cool factor”.  Here he was, blond, with a spiky and very stylish haircut, accompanied by a crazy aura of confidence and swagger. His eyes were level, taking everything  in, and moving with purpose.  It was like he was a senior in high school and captain of the football team.  (My husband wondered if maybe he was really 35 years old with that rare disease that makes a person always look like a child.) I was struck!  I am a 40-year-old woman, and I was immediately transported to being a kid—even a teenager—and wanting this kid to like me—let’s be friends so I can be cool too!

Now, because I ‘m a grown woman, and aware of my momentary regression, I found myself wondering about this confidence.  What creates it?  Genetics? Environment? Do we incarnate to play a certain role?  What?  I wanted Mikey to have some of this in him.  He is so good-looking, but he’s 80 years-old sometimes.  What were this kid’s parents like?  Probably dorky, which would blow my whole genetics theory out of the water.  Or maybe rich “Fa Fa’s” with expensive luxury cars and a house  more rooms than I have shoes.  All I know is that if I could bottle this kid’s persona and sell it, I’d be rich, and everyone would be cool!

I realize that this energy is no guarantee that this boy will make the best decisions and create a wildly successful life for himself, but he had magnetism, and that opens a lot of doors.  Now…how to cultivate THAT!