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It’s Turkey Day!  I’m sitting here typing with one of my darlings watching Little Bear on the sofa next to me, and one already bugging his Dad to play video games.  Seems like any other day to me!  Here’s something I’m grateful for:  Kenny and Tomi hosting Thanksgiving instead of me!

So, I know that most of the stores have had their Christmas wares for hawk since October, and although festive, most of us think it’s been a bit greedy and desperate.  Well, when I met the fragrance rep at the department store I’ll be working at during December, I learned something very interesting.  Nordstroms has put a very firm foot down on the whole retail tradition of getting a jumpstart on the Holidays and torturing their employees with obscene schedules for 30 days.  They vowed not to have so much as a Christmas ball decorating their stores until AFTER Thanksgiving, and they are maintaining their regular business hours throughout the length of the Holiday Season.  Apparently they understand that human beings work for them and feel that time spent with family and loved ones has more value than the almighty dollar!  Wow!  I am surprised in this market that anyone would fight this relentless tide of financial panic.  Impressive!  Here’s to you, Nordstroms, and your exercise of faith in goodwill that the reason for this Season will still put you ”back in black”  in both your finances AND your humanity!  You pay the Season homage with your respect.  Most assuredly it will pay you in dividends!

Today, I am grateful for finding humanity and grace in unexpected places…

Happy Thanksgiving!