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I promised Michael McDonald’s this week and yesterday he was being ornery so I told him “no way!”  But today, he arrived in the car after school, in a better frame of mind.  Off we went, the three of us, to the drive-thru for an early dinner.  At some point in line, I see in my peripheral vision, Mikey kicking his legs up over his head and sinking way down in his booster seat.  I thought he was just getting amped up.  Then he lets out one of his horrible screechy groans like he’s having a tantrum.  Here we are in the McDonald’s drive thru, doing his favorite thing, and he’s acting up as I’m ordering.  I turned around and angrily asked him what his problem was and why he was acting ugly.  He said, “I’m mad because my leg is caught!”  I assess the situation, and sure enough, he has somehow gotten his leg up parallel with the upper part of his body as though folding himself in half.  Not only does he manage this fantastic feat of flexibility, but he also gets the seatbelt harness wrapped around his leg against his torso.  Naturally, he was panicking, but I was laughing and rolling my eyes at the ridiculous-ness of the situation, so he couldn’t help but laugh, too.  Meanwhile, I’m trying to navigate the drive-thru, find my phone , and snap pictures, while he is begging me to pull into a parking spot to help him.  Sorry, bud…  You want your food, don’t you?  By the time a couple of photos he has pretty much doubled the belt around his ankle and is sitting with this very relaxed looking posture (leaned over, leg stretched across his body toward the window—just chillin’ and panicking at the same time.  He even asked me if the police will come because he’s messed up his seatbelt.)  Still laughing and paying for food, I glanced back, secretly hoping he was still stuck, and I see my claustrophobic, problem solver slipping his shoe off, getting his leg maneuvered through the magnificently woven seatbelt, and freeing himself with Houdini-like stealth.  Impressive…  Then he realizes the belt is stretched out and locked in place.  It doesn’t have enough slack to go back across him, and he can’t figure out how to jerk it just so that it will wind back into its slot.  Looks like I am still going to have to pull over and rescue him (from the police and serious jail time), when he figures it out and get himself all strapped back in.  Whewwww!  Just in time for his Happy Meal!


View the pictures of Mikey in shackles.  Then there are some other photos of the boys recently that have no relevance other than being cute.