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Two days this week Pierce has fallen asleep in the car, and when I have taken him out to put him in a shopping cart, he’s stayed asleep—hunched over, head on his hands, resting on the handle. Meanwhile, I am busy trying to create a Cadillac suspension by carefully and slowly navigating the cart through the stores around holiday shoppers. I must have done pretty okay, because he doesn’t have new bruises on his forehead.
It never ceases to amaze me how children go from 60 to 0 in five seconds flat when they finally sit down. I see this repeatedly each night when we put Michael to bed. He’s wound up, chattering his face off, and moving like a shark (constantly), and as soon as story time is over he is OUT! Pierce is the same way, only he’s slowly and methodically investigating his surroundings all day long, and when we leave the house to pick up his brother from school, he’s asleep within minutes, but usually I can wake him up when we get home, so I keep the nap to 30 minutes or so.
Today that was not the case… He fell asleep in the car, stayed asleep in the shopping cart in Target, woke up and went back to sleep when I put him back in the car and stayed that way until I carried him in the house 45 minutes later. I put him on the sofa, where he slept for two more hours! At dinnertime, I was standing at the stove making something for Mikey and I felt little arms circle around my leg and a little head leaning against me in sleepy stupor. It was so dear, because I didn’t hear him at all, I just felt this wonderful little mite snuggling up to me. I’m going to have to make a point to remember this when I am ready for bed in an hour or so, and I have to teach him how to lock up the house and turn everything off, because he’s going to be up until midnight!
A couple of days ago, Pierce found a dinosaur tattoo of Michael’s lying on the floor and was busy telling me “dindoor” “titops”. I praised him on getting the dinosaur part right, but it was a t-rex not a triceratops! Naturally, I scolded and corrected with fervor, to which he responded by indicating that he was going to get “titops!” Sure enough! He comes strolling out of his brother’s room with a triceratops in each hand, and one of them is a heavy resin thing that is almost as long as he is tall. We were heading out the door to pick up Mikey, so “titops” came with, at least until we got out on the sidewalk in front of the house where Pierce lined them up nicely, and proceeded to walk away to get into the car. I guess it was my job to get them into the car along with everyone else. So, they came along for the ride… rather than left to get stolen out of the front yard.
It’s been an amusing few days in the life of a mother to a two -year-old…