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Michael Donovan? Are you being good?

Apparently, for Christmas, parents can go to this website where they can create a video conference from Santa.  Greg decided this might be a good way to keep our five-year-old on the straight and narrow, so he got busy uploading photos to the site and putting in the details like Mikey’s name, where he lives, and what he’s been up to over the past year.  The video lasts about five minutes and it starts out a little crackly because it’s being transmitted from the North Pole (wink, wink).  It shows Santa’s headquarters and all the gears and cogs of the machine the elves have made to determine whether a child has been good or bad.  Then it shows Santa’s “head- honcho” office that looks like it was decorated by the set designers from Masterpiece Theater– carved mahogany pedestal desk and bookshelves behind it, hunter green in the background.  It’s from his office that he conducts his video conference with us.  It’s very interactive.  He asks Mikey how he’s doing and shows him on a map where we live in relationship to the North Pole.  Santa, then, pulls out a huge book on the notes he’s been keeping on our boy.  He looks at pictures of Mikey’s fifth birthday party and our recent trip to SeaWorld, then, as he wraps up his assessment of 2011 at our house, he contacts his elves to plug the file into the machine to find out if we have a good boy or a naughty boy.  At the risk of UPS(ing) all Santa’s gifts back to him, we refrain from programming the video to show him has naughty.  So as the elves gnaw their fingernails off in anticipation, the green light pops on indicating that little Mr. Donovan has been a good boy.  At the end Santa tells Mikey, that he knows about the thumb-sucking, and he would like an effort made to try to quit over 2012.  Tee…hee…

Now Michael wants to talk to Santa every day; and after his wild, out of control behavior today, I’m not sure that’s a good idea.  That doesn’t stop him from asking if Santa called, though.  I swear he has moderate OCD.  He has come into the living room—no exaggeration—five times in less than 30 minutes and asked if Santa’s called.  Daddy has told him every time, “No, Mikey, he hasn’t called and he won’t call tonight because he wants to watch for a few more days before he checks in again.  Plus, with the way you’re behaving, you probably don’t want to hear what he has to say today.”  We thought we were doing something so clever and fun, and it’s already biting us on the ass.

I checked the full moon dates a few minutes ago in hopes of understanding why both my boys have been insane with energy and agitation since we got home this afternoon, and  it is full on the 10th—Saturday.  Oh, this should be good!  Really good…three more days ramping up?  Watch for me on the evening news…

If anyone wants to check it out here’s the link to do your own teleconference with Santa.