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Last night at my sister’s house, Pierce fell asleep on the drive over.  As we unloaded gifts and goodies, and got everything situated inside, we realized there is still a sleeping baby in the back seat, so we brought him in and laid him on Auntie’s pretty bed, making it all the more lovely with a passed out sleeping child.  It was wonderful that he slept, because I didn’t have to curb my champagne consumption for fear that I might have to dive in the pool after him.  He loves water of any kind, and is also very clutzy—I had visions of my tot going over the side without a life jacket on.  Thankfully, there were no close moments!  Now, when he woke up from his nap ugly and angry, I won’t say I didn’t have visions of tossing him in with a chain and a cinder block, but instead we cuddled, and teased him into a fouler mood.  Eventually, he came around, and everyone fell back in love with him.

Meanwhile, Mikey was a sweet little boy.  I was truly surprised how he managed to maintain his composure through appetizers, drinks, dinner and clean up before we could open gifts.  I did let him open one when we got there so that he could have something to play with.  It was a Spinosaurus that spent a lot of time wading on the top step of the pool, so I think he was a pretty good companion.  Kids that age are so funny to watch because it’s all about “where’s the next gift?” with little glance at what they just opened.  It’s all quantity!  It will likely be weeks before he truly becomes invested in his new toys, since it takes a while for him to try everything out. 

When we got home, the boys were under strict direction to get dressed for bed, set out milk and cookies, and get to sleep so that Santa could come.  Daddy told Michael to wait until he sees the morning light coming in through the blinds, because if he didn’t Santa might not have been here yet.  Damn those landscape lights under his window!  He was in my room at 5:15a.m. asking if I thought Santa had come yet.  The next scene was he and I lying in his bed while I tried to sleep, and he fidgeted, trying to quell the anticipation.  Finally at 6a.m. we decided it was probably safe, even though the sun was an hour from rising.  We coaxed Pierce to the surface—he must have known how special the day was, because he was pretty delightful fairly quickly upon waking.

Anyway, before Greg and I got to bed, last night, we realized that that damn Santa Claus UPS’d all the boys gifts to our house ahead of time (un-benounced to the boys, of course) and didn’t assemble them before shipping.  10p.m. Christmas eve, and we are sitting in a million Play Mobil pieces, trying to get all the new toys put together.  Then I found the cool robotic, wood, skeleton, dinosaur, that is a 16” high T-Rex that can be remote-controlled to lumber around the room.  Such a cool toy!  AND the child gets the great joy of putting it together like a puzzle!!  Yeah…not so cool…  There is not a snowball’s chance in hell that Michael will ever, EVER in his lifetime have the mechanical skills, focus or patience to attempt this—not even when he’s 40!  I have at least two hours in and it’s still at least an hour from being fully assembled, and lord knows if it’s even going to work!  Listen for blue streak of expletives echoing from the southeastern corner of the U.S. sometime tomorrow—that’ll be me discovering that it won’t walk after the laborious task of piecing it together—like 125 pieces!  I’m worried because they have included trouble shooting instructions with it—white light!!!!  Maybe all will go well—and let’s also pray that it is a sturdy as I think, because I will also be cursing a blue streak if Michael’s first attempt at play with this fancy prehistoric monster renders back it into a pile of puzzle pieces!

It was an exciting couple days for my little ones, and although I am grateful that the hard work is behind us for another year, it’s always a little anticlimactic when it barrels down on us, whisks through our homes and our lives, and exits with as much force, that it takes our breath away, while we clean up, get on the scale, try to find homes for all of our wonderful new gifts, and resume some version a more disciplined everyday life.  It’s a little disconcerting especially on January 2nd…but oh well…it’s not like we don’t get to practice annually!