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Pierce got a nap at his Nana’s yesterday, and was all set to party all night.  When we got home, the boys played while I did laundry and various other things around the house.  When I finally sat down and putzed around on the computer while watching “Little Bear”—and, yes, I had company—I realized that nobody was going to want to go to bed.  Not great news since Mikey and I are fighting a little something that makes us feel just not quite right.  It was close to 9p.m. before Daddy and I had the boys in their beds. 

My new pattern with Pierce is to sit in the glider in his room and read my Nook in the dark until he falls asleep.  I was beginning to wonder if my 700 page book was going to be long enough for the endeavor, tonight.  Part of his usual routine once we are settled into our prospective places is to get quiet for a moment or two then I hear “Mommy?”  Yes?  “Mommy?”  Mmmmhmmm?  “Mommy?” (at this point I sometimes pretend I don’t hear.)  “Mom?  Mo-om?”  “Hi! Hi! Hall-o!”  This goes on for a bit, then he usually gets quiet again.  Not tonight… He was jumping in his crib like it was a bounce house, tossing stuffed animals out, and talking to me, while I am trying to pretend I am on a deserted island with an awesome book.  I told him to lie down or I was not going to sit in the chair (he tells me “share” when he’s ready to go to bed.)  He would flop down exasperatedly, whine a little bit—I’d think I’d won, and then I’d look and he would be standing at the rails grinning at me.  It’s show time!  Again! At one point I told him that I was leaving, and I did—to go to the bathroom.  I hadn’t even had my pants down before the yowls and whines commenced.  I thought…this will learn him.  I went back into his room and smugly discussed how I was going to leave for the rest of the night if he didn’t settle down, to which he smugly responded with a repeat of the same hyperactive nonsense.  It was 9:45 before I scooped him out of his crib and held him on my chest while he hunkered down by trying to wrap his arms around me and tucking his head up under my chin—it was delicious!  He was asleep in moments, but I couldn’t give him yet.  We all eventually got to our corresponding beds, but it was a long evening.  He’s so darn funny with his non-compliant antics, it’s hard to get too mad!