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My Masterpiece

Remember that god forsaken robotic dinosaur “Santa”( that SOB) brought unassembled to our house for Mikey?  Yeah, well, it’s finally finished.  It took at least three hours, a lot of patience for reading directions, deciphering diagrams, and absolutely no patience for the nonsensical behaviors and demands of my children.  Truth be told, it actually went together pretty well, and miracle of miracles—the electronic parts worked on the first try.  He needed a little tweaking to make him walk more smoothly and open his jaws while roaring ferociously.  I have also decided that he is MY toy now, as I don’t want all of my hard work to end up as a pile of sawdust and wires.  I will allow it to live on Michael’s tall chest in his room, where I believe he remains slightly out of reach (thank the lord).  This way, my child can appreciate at any given moment the beauty and intricacies of my creation, without me worrying about T-Rex Robot’s well being.  Would Santa approve?  If there really was one, I think not, but since Santa is a chubby lady about the age of 40, goes by the name of “Mom”, and who assembled this hideous puzzle—I think so!!!