January—celebrated 16 years of marriage and MLK day by probably going to SeaWorld—I don’t know…I can’t remember that far back.

February—who knows…  Worried about my dad and his ongoing kidney stone problems

March—started a diet, quit taking Lexapro cold turkey, got strep throat (wow!  Is that ever painful!); found out my Dad’s kidney stone was actually cancer; worried about the numerous tests to make sure it hadn’t spread; watched him age before my eyes after the surgery to remove his kidney; got the fantastic news that it was only in one spot and that there was no need for radiation or chemo;  got so angry from the withdrawal of my anti-depressant that I took a card table I couldn’t get to fold up, bent the legs like Superman bends steel, and launched it out into my front yard like the Incredible Hulk; made an appointment with my doctor to get back on some type of medicine that would control my anger and weepiness.

April—Saw Dad finally come home from the hospital and improve in strides once back in his own environment—watched the aging process go in reverse with him!  Finally made the decision to put Puppy out of her (my) misery since she was already 3 years beyond her expiration; wondered if Greg was ever going to forgive me; replaced the carpeting that the old broad defiled repeatedly, ripped out a monster split leaf in the back yard and laid pavers for a new outdoor living space; enjoyed our new improvements.

May—Greg got sick with what we thought was the intestinal flu but actually turned out to be something that no one has been able to diagnose with thousands of dollars in tests, and months of gastro-intestinal distress.

June—Ongoing tests and issues for Greg; Celebrated my 40th birthday with my sister who made it unbelievably special, and celebrated with family.

July—Celebrated the Fourth of July in the ‘hood with family and friends—put on our own fireworks show, but enjoyed the show the next street over put on even more; started my blog—found my calling (I think);  celebrated Greg’s birthday; Marginal improvement to Greg’s health…marginal…

August—Celebrated Mikey’s 5th birthday; started kindergarten and a whole new host of adjustments; Greg continues to show slow improvement and has decided that this is the new him.

September—Still adjusting to kindergarten.

October—Finally getting used to going to school; Mikey gets an intestinal bug that lasts for about 10 days—then he becomes afraid to poop; the rest of the month is spent not pooping but every 5 days after  administering enemas as a last resort ;  Celebrate Pierce’s second birthday.

November—Still having poop issues—not so much Greg but definitely Mikey, but second half of the month we get over the psychological hump; Have a great Thanksgiving with family; Got to see an old design client and put up her Christmas decorations.

December—Took as seasonal job that kept me entertained as well as rich—okay well maybe gave me a little spending money;  went to a couple different holiday parties that were so much fun—it was great to catch up with old friends; enjoyed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our families;  Got a little stomach bug between Christmas and New Years—Mikey, too—back to not pooping—had to administer an enema again, on the last day of 2011; supposed to have a neighborhood New Year’s party to top the Fourth of July one.

All in all, a year of firsts, but it ended with everyone one in a relative state of good health and happiness and for this I am grateful!