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I am not one of those parents who controls the amount of television my children watch. Judge me…don’t judge me…it’s neither here nor there. We have endless hours of Little Bear, Yo Gabba Gabba, Franklin, Wow Wow Wubbsy and now Peppa Pig gobbling up the space on our DVR. I am sure I could be a much more hands on mother, baking, playing and doing crafts with my kids, but I’m just not. I like bantering with my children and taking them to the zoo and park, but I really have a hard time sitting on the floor for any length of time trying to be engaged in rolling a ball or flying planes—besides, with children, no amount of time is ever enough. (Five hours later: “Mommy, one more—wait– just two-three-seven more times. Please Mommy, please?”) Thank God for Nick Jr. to pick up the slack. It definitely gives me a break from the inanity of redundant questions and slaving away to accomplish all of their demands before they hurt me.
Because of this constant and wonderful mediator called T.V., I have become friends with Little Bear’s pals and family as well as Franklin’s. I’m not as keen on Wow Wow Wubbsy as it is a bit too frenetic in its style and pace. Then there is Peppa Pig. I LOVE this show! It’s a family of British pigs that giggle constantly over their own silly antics until they fall over from sheer giddiness. It is HILARIOUS! Peppa the little girl piglet has this sweet little voice made even sweeter by her proper accent, and she’ s very clever. She loves her little brother George who is also cute and silly until he’s made sad over something as awful as the loss of his dinosaur or startled by his sister making a monster face, then the tears rain from his eyes like a garden hose nozzle on the shower setting. They love jumping in “mud-DY puddols”—even mummy pig and daddy pig. Daddy pig is my favorite character. He does lots of silly things and everything he says is very tongue in cheek. One little short was Peppa joining a ballet class, and as one might picture a piglet—she wasn’t terribly light on her feet, however her teacher had all the little dancers believing they were primed and accomplished enough for the Moscow Ballet. When Peppa arrived home, she made sure to tell Mommy Pig and Daddy Pig (and George of course) about her class. Indeed it was “va-wree, va-wree deefficoolt,” (said in a wonderfully raspy but falsetto timber) but that she was really, really good at it. Her loving and supportive porcine family listened intently, letting her ramble on about her accomplishments and attempting to speak the French names for the ballet steps she learned while clumsily pivoting and twirling across the family room. Daddy Pig asked if he could try some of the moves, to which his little ballerina said “I don’t know, Daddy Pig–It’s va-wree, va-wree Hawd.” Well, the next thing the viewer witnesses is two large pigs with stick legs and arms pirouetting and leaping beautifully all about the room—rather like Swan Lake. Turns out Mommy and Daddy Pig were quite the dancers in the early days of their courtship. Peppa has the most fun and silly parents ever, and Daddy and Mommy Pig get a lot of humor out of both their good and bad situations. I laugh out loud over this show. The children (animals) on this show all have names, but the adults are called by how one would describe them—Grandfather Dog, Dr. Brown Bear, Ms. Gazelle, etc. Daddy Pig is even called by this name at the office where he works. For instance if he gets a phone call, he is alerted by the male receptionist that “There is a very important call for Daddy Pig. It sounds urgent.” Naturally it’s Peppa.
Okay, so maybe I’m not a horrible parent for letting my kids watch shows geared toward their learning. After all, I have met all the other friends and parents, and feel that the boys are safe in their care, but I do screen a bit what they watch, because it turns out, if I think the show is lame or condescending and poorly acted (you know who you are, Toot and Puddle), or it doesn’t entertain me—I WILL NOT let them watch it. To all of you parents and non-parents alike, if you are ever flipping through the channels and happen upon a simple, family of pink pigs with sticks for appendages, stop and watch—I guarantee you will be entertained!