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Bunk beds are so on my mind right now!  I keep surfing Craigslist and every other website out there to find out what their pricing is and various quality standards.  Holy mackerel!  The prices run anywhere from about $300 to $2000 with $700 being about the average.  Naturally, I am concerned about durability on the low-end, yet wondering how much I need to spend for peace of mind. 

In our little home that will be our residence indefinitely, for now, I need to make the best use of the space that we have.  In the last year, my bedroom has become the second family room as Michael and Pierce watch television in my bed and Mikey plays video games in there, too.  There have been times when I have had three and four kids in my bed playing XBOX, and nobody honors the rule to stay on top of the covers.  I feel a little violated!  It’s time to take the nursery and change it into a TV/playroom, and make the boys share a bedroom.  They would still have two rooms to play in but share one to sleep.

Now, if we do this idea, we have the cost of the bunk beds, mattresses, bunkie boards, and a television for the “new” playroom.  Then, after that fun lovely realization, I read up on what the best ages are for putting brother’s together in the same room, especially with one sleeping 6’ off the floor.  Turns out the recommended age keeps getting higher.  It went from no child under 5 when I was in the business, to no child under 6 but really 8 or 9 is the best, because the older they get, the less likely they are to fall from the top bunk.  So now, I’m feeling that my plan is being foiled on many levels, because then I get to thinking:  okay, so I can scare caution into Mikey about playing on the top bunk, but then I remembered that Pierce is my nervy one.  It’s only a matter time before he climbs the ladder to wrestle with his brother which always ends in someone falling off something(Pierce)—after all, it already happens on my bed.

I wonder if anyone has any opinions on this idea?