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I am totally at a loss for fodder today.  The only thing Mikey did yesterday that was of note was show his adult’s sense-of-humor—not that kind of humor. 

He loves to play angry birds on my phone—well pretty much on any device, but if Greg or I am available, he will make little effort to sling those angry little birds at the snickering green pigs when the “gauntlet” proves challenging.  He will ask us to help—in other words—“do it for me.”  If I didn’t find the game so entertaining, I would “teach him to fish” rather than “give him a fish,” so that he could feed his angry birds, green pigs for life.  Instead, I usually fall victim to the challenge.

Yesterday, Michael was in the back seat playing that silly game on my phone, while the three of us chatted during our drive to school.  My rearview mirror has long since ceased to be a safety device in which to check other drivers behind me—it has become my way to see and converse with my boys in the back seat.  Anyway, Mikey says to me, “Mommy?  I need you to help me with this Angry Birds?” (I just had to stop while typing this to “help” him with one of the levels.)  I simply stared at him in the rearview mirror…then I said as sarcastically (but still humored) “Really?  Really, Michael?  You would like me to help you with that while I’M DRIVING?!”  While we are staring each other down in the mirror, as he slowly nods and starts cracking up—he was being funny, by testing me to see what I would say.  Is this kid really only five?

They need to make a game where a mom throws her kids at something—dad’s, maybe?