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Well, I don’t mess around!  After my blog yesterday, I took Mikey to school and Pierce and I went off to Home Depot to get the stuff to make the headboards.  It was a mild day, so opened the back door and set to work constructing them while Pierce ran around the back yard.   I had them both assembled and painted by noon.  Then it was time to stop for lunch, and get a few other things done before I went back to pick up my school boy. 

I had purchased some lights to mount on the headboards.  As I was selecting them in the store, I debated between the larger ones or the smaller ones.  Only the larger size was on display, and it was about the size of a light fixture that would be outside a patio door on a smallish style house.  About 9” by 9”—I thought, better to err on the side of too large, than silly small.  Well, err I did—they were way too large, mostly because they projected out to far, and I thought they would get in the way, not so much from a visual standpoint.  I needed to exchange them for the smaller ones.

Pierce (who usually sleeps in the car when we go to get Mikey) managed to stay awake on the way to Home Depot where we were quickly stopping before going to the school.  Yes…he managed to stay awake in the car by doing the animal calls for all my requests like cow, dog, cat, monkey, mommy (“love you”), but as soon as he got into the shopping cart, he put his head down on the handle and fell asleep.  It was pitiful…it probably looked like I pumped my child full of Benadryl so I could go shopping. 

I got the lights exchanged, and we were off!  Then we needed to get the brother, drive by Randy Bill to see if he was hassling the other goat or the horses, run to Grammy and Papa’s to rescue “Nummy” from another night of sleeping on the coffee table (we forgot the beloved lamb there the day before), and get home so I could begin the rigging of my outdoor light fixtures so that they could have cords with on/off switches.  I don’t’ know how many times I have to do electrical stuff before I realize that there is always a hiccup that makes it take infinitely longer than necessary.  The fixtures have this clever little cross-bar that mounts to the junction box that is joined to another crossbar that rotates for the mounting of the actual fixture.  So that it’s easier to get wall mounted lamps lined up.  Yeah…not so great this time—it made it too deep, and the light base didn’t cover the junction box and sit flush up against the headboard.  I couldn’t get the crossbars apart, so I had to bend the bottom one out of the way and use the rotating one for everything. 

Still doing all of this in the waning ,evening sunlight of my back patio, amongst the leaves and berries that Herb the camphor has dropped everywhere, I had to take the first light apart to make all sorts of adjustments to its position on the headboard since I rigged the cross bars.    When I finally got the light fixture in place and ready to screw on the little bronze decorative nuts that keep it together, I had lost one—amidst the dark berries that litter the area.  Typical…just typical.  I actually had to shake my head and laugh as I was using a little silver nut to fasten the light in place.  I even prayed to the universe for it to show up.  In the meantime I went about getting the light assembled on the second headboard, which, thankfully, went much more quickly since I was working in twilight.  I needed to get them done, so that I could bring them inside.  Greg and I hauled these 50lbs things in the house, and as I was cleaning up my tools, I found the little bronze nut.  Thank you, Universe!  It was truly miraculous given its disguise as a tree berry.

So, now to sell Michael’s twin bed frame—for anyone looking for one it is the Ethan Allen,Tango Danby bed in beautiful shape.  It retails for $535.00 right now, and I’m asking $225.  Just had to get that in there…I think I might already have a buyer for the crib!  Whooo!  Hoooo!  We are that much closer to not having sneakers on our bed sheets.  PIERCE!!!

I have letters coming that I will paint to look like metal and mount on the headboards spelling out both of the boy’s names, and then they will be all done!  It was such fun, and so cheap, I would love to make some and sell them, but the shipping would make UPS a millionaire and me and my buyers bankrupt.  I guess local pick up is always an option.  (Isn’t UPS already a millionaire?)