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With all the snot I have cleaned off of little boy noses recently, it is no mystery how I woke up with a cold.  I swear that everyone I know (who has children) has passed this cold around four times since fall.  Oh well…  It’s not debilitating other than I seem to be going deaf and I think my head is filled with enough helium to pop my eyes out of their sockets.  At least it feels that way.

I’m thinking it’s time to send Michael off to school, and then clean out all of the toys that he has tons of, like balls and broken cars.  If I don’t do it when he’s not around, I’ll have to call “Hoarders.”  He would keep every toy he ever got even if it was in a million pieces.  I’ve had to have the conversation, that in order to bring in new things, we have to make room by getting rid of some of the old things that no longer work or we’ve outgrown.  Next step is finding out if I have enough energy to actually get to it.

Not much happened over the weekend—it was positively beautiful weather and we were exceptionally lazy—it was nice.  Unfortunately, not much in the way of “blog fodder,” so this is whatcha get!  Have a great day!

Here’s Pierce Swinging!