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I didn’t realize that this one didn’t post a few days ago–so here it is, and I am sure you’ll be glad to know that the past few days have been much better between Mikey and me.

Mikey has been an insolent wild man this week—is there something in the cosmos creating this.  I even got a note from his teacher saying that he was having a lot of trouble focusing this week—which is pretty bad because we  already know this is a problem—but it was worse than usual…apparently.  Duh!  I could have told her that. 

He has swung like a pendulum between sweet, wonderful, and accommodating and then insolent and sassy with this horrible (s#!t eating) grin that he likes to produce when he wants to convey that he’s mocking me.  I HATE IT!

It’s been one of those weeks, where if he asks me if he can do something and I tell him “no” or “not right now” he proceeds to do it anyway, unless I roar threats at him about losing of certain privileges.  Then he stops, but he gives me that stupid grin like he’s simple-minded—or telling me I’m simple-minded.

Mornings are much better than evenings, right now.  The wrestling between him and his brother is constant which means there are regular intervals of crying and Dad or me rescuing, scolding, and then soothing.  It’s total lack of self-control on Michael’s part to stop doing certain things that get him in trouble—it’s like he’s behaving badly before he even realizes that he just got hollered at for that exact behavior.  Maybe that horrible, insolent grin of simple mindedness is actual simple mindedness!  Who knows…I just know that about once every 4 or 5 weeks we have an exceptionally tough few days where we really get on each other’s nerves—and no, I know what you are thinking—it isn’t that time of the month…for me at least…

Then there is the amount of food he has eaten this past week.  Good God–the kid’s got to have a hollow leg, because he must eat 5000 calories a day, right now!!!  Each day he would come home from school and eat snack after snack, bowl after bowl of cereal, and then still eat dinner, AND THEN want another snack.  I hear that teenage boys are the worst for this.  Maybe I’ll just get him a trough and a fill it up with all kinds of food (they can’t touch, though—‘cause that would be gross), so that I don’t have to be interrupted to help him with his latest selection.  You’d think for someone who loves food as much as I do, that I wouldn’t despise, so much, the idea of planning, preparing, buying and serving it—but I do!

On an up note, we cut off his football helmet of hair this week.  I swear it just expands like that foam you spray inside of walls for insulation.  When it’s at its biggest, I think we could drop him from the roof directly on his head, and he wouldn’t feel it.  I get the honors (and the clippers) of doing the cut, so it isn’t terribly stylish, but it’s shorter and easier to rinse out the shampoo.  He asked me today if his football helmet was back, yet.  I said it’s on its way, baby…it’s on its way.