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What have I done!?  Michael has no inhibitions.  I’ve said it before that I failed to give him the necessary body shame that could ultimately keep him out of jail.  I really thought if we made no big deal out of body parts, that they would not be so fascinating.   Well, they have definitely become a source of amusement (as I get flashed on a regular basis), rather than just more body parts.

Sometimes, after breakfast in the morning we’ll be in the livingroom, I’ll be doing this (probably) on my computer, and I’ll look up to see Michael with his pajama bottoms down around his knees, while he wiggles his hips and smirks at me waiting for me to notice.  He thinks my expressions of disgust and horror is funny.  I guess shame is a set of muscles like the ones used for speech—if they aren’t developed in the normal maturation timeline, there is a deficiency in ability.  That’s Mikey and his shamelessness in a nutshell.  How can we possibly develop it now?

I have to admit—the first couple times it was pretty amusing—but like any attempt at shock value—after a few times, I am desensitized or just simply bored.  In this case I am both of these things with a little worry sprinkled on top.  He’ll never do it in front of his modest father, though.  Health hath no fury like embarrassed, shocked, angry dad being witness to these antics.

What to do….what to do…at least he doesn’t do it in front of anybody but me…