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Is there anything more perfect than the hands and feet of a little child? It’s amazing to me that these darling little piggys will grow into something that grosses out a good part of the population. 

I remember while I was going to school for massage, when I told people what I was doing, they shuttered at the idea of touching a stranger’s body let alone their stinky feet.  Of course, I know there are those weirdos with foot fetishes—that skeeves me out.

Back to the beautiful and sweet perfection of these little appendages.  My neighbor once told me right after Michael was born, to take lots of pictures of body parts because they change so much and so quickly.  I know what you are thinking—that’s why that older one of hers has no inhibitions and likes sneak into the bathroom to photograph his mom in the shower.  WRONG!!!  He’s all screwed up by some weird congenital defect the attacks the male psyche and causes what is known as “hoo hoo” obsession.  Look it up—it’s a real disease.

I did take tons of photos of hands, feet, ears, chubby legs, arms, and bums.  My neighbor was right—they do change so quickly.  Mikey still looks like he did as a baby, but Pierce really doesn’t look like the baby in picture.  I guess because Michael always had huge eyes, that’s where the resemblance didn’t fade, whereas Pierce had a chubby face with smaller eyes, which became big and soulful when his face matured.  Hair growth helped, too.

My oldest with his constant movement and agitation wore the hair off his head early on and was pretty much bald with the exception of some fringe on the sides of his pate until he was over a year old.  Then he took the likeness of Krusty the Clown or Frazier Crane for another year, as the hair on the top of his head took the longest to grow in—it shows up late and leaves early for some poor souls.

Mr. Pierce, mellow as he was from the moment they brought him to me, kept all his hair and just continued to grow more, but his is finer with just little curl.  Same color though.  Both of them have my hair color, but I suspect it will get much darker like their dad’s as they grow.

As far as feet and hands go, Michael’s were sweet, but the nails were kind of papery—they looked like typical baby ones that spent 9 months floating in water.  They took a while to become normal, but his feet look just like his dad’s—only miniature—so cute.  He has a really high arch which makes his foot sort of graceful looking. 

Pierce’s were oddly perfect from the moment we met.  Pretty curved, shiny nails.  Pink and smooth, they truly looked as though someone took the most beautiful adult hands and feet and put them in a shrinking machine. Then he started to crawl, and the toe nails got worn down at strange angles, and now they’re cute in a destructive little boy way.  I still can’t get enough photos though…I never want to forget these beautiful, ever-changing, sculptures created by the master artist.