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So every year we usually have a Super Bowl party at our house—at least for the past several years.  Pretty much because the Steelers are always in it TO WIN IT!!!!  (Except for last year…)  I say this like I give a you-know-what.  Last year wasn’t a very fun party…The fans in my living room were pretty stoic—especially my husband.  It was worse than a couple of years before when my dad found it amusing to egg Greg on in his own home while the Steelers were struggling.  Thankfully, the revered team pulled it out in the end, or my father may never have been welcome in our home again…not to mention all the computer help he gets out of Greg when he jacks his computer up.

No big affair happening this year.  Just a couple of friends and pizza.  It will probably be fun since nobody really cares who wins…there’s no real emotional investment—that is unless I find out Greg has our tax refund wagered on an outcome.  If there is one thing about my husband, he’s not a gambler, so I think I’m in the clear with that one.

Truthfully, I could care less about football and the zillion dollar 60 second ads that cater to adolescent humored beer drinkers.  But somehow I show up every year, pretty much remember nothing the next day (and, no, that’s not from overindulging), and go through the motions of pretending that I understand the game.  For me, the best part of the Superbowl is that it concludes the football season for another 6 months.  Sorry to be buzz kill for all you fan(addicts), just not really interested.  If my husband is happy with the outcome, I’m happy.