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 Just (sort of) watched the Superbowl and some of the commercials.  Meh…I will say, though, for not being a Madonna Fan, I liked the halftime show.  Girl looks awesome especially for 53.  However, I hear she pretty much has no fun on a day-to-day basis, what with clean diet, no booze, and lots of exercise.  I guess that’s her idea of fun—looking Fabulous and feeling Fabulous!  I’d call her a bitch, but it might be a compliment.  I’d say it in a British accent, but she might think we were related.  Maybe I’ll lip sync these thoughts…

It appears, too, that Tom Brady’s deal with the devil just expired.  No ring for him this time…I guess he’ll have to take his handsome face home to his super model wife (literally) and they can rattle like two peas around his 30,000 square foot can.  Giselle, please keep all small, electric appliances away from your hubs…we don’t want him contemplating the infinite hot soak in one of the fancy new bathtubs.  It must be hard to accept defeat when life really seems to have given you more than his fair share of the “good” traits and successes.  I suppose I am not being fair.  I am sure Mr. Brady has had his share of difficulty and hard work, but as a spectator, his every decision appears to have a charmed outcome.  (Except for the two Superbowls against the Giants.)

That’s pretty much what I got about the Superbowl.  But on another note, it’s the next day and the boys and I are watching a rerun of “Land of the Lost.”  It is seriously the campiest, silliest show ever—even a five-year-old can tell that it’s bad acting.  (except my five-year-old.)  This particular episode had the two kids coming upon a Brontosaurus hatching out of an egg.  It was thoroughly entertaining!  The stop and go animation wasn’t bad, and the dinosaur was terribly cute.  Unfortunately it was subjected to those horribly over dramatic children.  They tried to keep him as a pet, but the T-rex kept showing up, trying to eat the baby.  Thankfully, on this planet, that “terrible lizard” didn’t move quickly and still dragged its tail behind him, so the little one was okay.  However, they had to find a home for their new pet, since “Dopey” was attracting too much negative attention.  So in their own, horrible way, they bid a hideously, dramatic adieu to the little guy at the edge of the swamp while they hoped that the big Bronto would adopt their baby.  She did, and all was back in balance except the ratio of good acting scenes to bad ones…