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Still no car…could be as much as another week to 10 days.  I said a little gratitude prayer to the Universe today thanking the collision shop, Nissan, and Mazda for working their hardest to make the last 4 weeks as comfortable as possible.  While I was expressing my gratitude, I also made a little request that, while the situation is simply inconvenient—nobody is dying of cancer—I would love for some of the hiccups to resolve themselves more quickly (like the car parts that came in incorrectly delaying the process).  We got a call this afternoon that the parts came in right this time, and that they are busting bums to get my car finished.  Here’s to one more request of the powers of God to “align the stars and lock the tumblers in place” so that everything goes miraculously smooth from here on out!  I miss “Pearl the Girl.”  Thanks to Auntie Good Times, she called me today to alert me to the hiding place of Uncle Dan’s truck keys.  Greg is now driving a “Boy named Pearl” until we can go get my girl.  (Dan’s truck is that pearly white color, too.)

Before the previous paragraph, I had the earlier part of my day, which resulted in the Universe granting yet another wish of mine—never to have to exercise again.  However, not until I was two miles from home on my walk with my friend, Christina, and Pierce.  We decided this morning, to walk to TJMAXX which is two miles away.  It’s great incentive for me to get off my arse (the dangling carrot of possible fun finds at my favorite store.) 

So we made it to the “carrot,” and as I am strolling (literally pushing Pierce in the stroller) through the handbags, my jogging stroller suddenly begins to wobble.  As I look down, the rear, right wheel is bending out at a 45 degree angle.  The weld has broken.  We are two miles from home…who do I call?  Greg?  To leave work to rescue us?  Nah…I called my mom—she needed a trip to the Maxx, anyway.  Then I called Greg to pick up the dead stroller on his way home for lunch.  Now I need to see if I can find a bike shop that can fix it…Since the manufacturer of the stroller went belly up in 2009.  Probably the way of so many small companies after the economy crashed. 

After my fabulous excuse to sit on the sofa, I remembered I have the regular stroller, and let’s face it—who’s really jogging?  So I guess I’ll walk with Christina tomorrow and pray the wheels stay on, since I’m already committed.  You listening, Universe?