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Today was the first day that I put on make-up for the first time since Sunday.  I know this may not seem long to non-make-up-wearing readers, but I am sure it seemed like an eternity to my husband.  I am sure he wondered where his wife went, and who this tired, trailer-parky sort was, that was getting his boys ready each day.

It never ceases to amaze me what miracles make-up can perform.  Seriously—there needs to be a holiday as big as Christmas devoted to this Messiah of Beauty.  With each day, I see it perform bigger and better miracles when covering the deepening laugh lines, pores and age spots—they’re not freckles—they are a hybrid version that fed on pregnancy hormones and sunlight until they all but filled in the porcelain spaces that was once my youthful skin.  I am beginning to look like the back of a 90 year-old-woman’s hand.  Thus, I honor the God of make-up as it allows me to paint yet another surface, returning to it some of its former beauty and appeal. 

My mom’s friend from Minnesota came to visit us yesterday.  This darling woman, creeping into her mid 60’s, looks beautiful with minimal signs of aging.  She also told my mother that she puts her face on everyday (made-up face)—she just doesn’t feel good without it.  I know how she feels…I don’t feel good without it either, however, I feel even better when I don’t have to wash it off at the end of the day.  I’m not regimented about a skin care routine, either.  I remember to do all the moisturizing when it becomes DEFCON 4 and drastic measures need to be taken to reverse the aging process.  That’s when I pull out all the expensive creams, primers, concealers, shadows, shadow eliminators, hairdryer and eyelash curler, blush, mascaras and eyeliners to give the appearance of eyes on my face.  Pretty much I apply stuff to “gesso the old worn out canvas” and repaint all the features back in.  If I didn’t feel so badly about the before pictures, I post them, and you too would worship the God of Make-up and its miraculous abilities.  Don’t taunt this God, though—he is vindictive and can do horrible things to faces if he’s abused!