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Yes, you are seeing two posts in a single day!

 I have to laugh with gratitude at the “likes” I get on the posts that truly bore me even when writing them!  This whole writing everyday thing has been great fun, but certainly not always easy to do, so I assumed not easy to read.  You surprise me!   I have to rack my brain sometimes for subject matter, because there are only so many stories anyone wants to hear about my five-year-old’s fear of pooping that ultimately evolves into fear of not pooping.  The chaos that can sometimes be my life is just that—chaos—which defined by the dictionary is “a condition or place of great disorder or confusion.”  This can also describe my brain making it difficult to dig out the thoughts and events and put them on paper in some sort of entertaining and amusing order.  My point is that the posts that I think are hilarious don’t get the 5 million “likes” I am SURE they deserve, and the ones that I am not sure are even worth posting for anyone–even close friends or family– get wild reception from people I have never met, and only know me and my simple but silly life through my words.  Thank you!  I want to say to all of you fellow bloggers how grateful I am that you find my life interesting and please forgive me if you find that I don’t reciprocate as well.  There is a time and place in my life for all information, and lord knows I love the stories of how people manage to get where they are going by their day-to-day process, but I seem to be able to only slow my mind down for a laugh these days.  Not much for learning anything new, unless someone can tell me how to control the freakin’ brown algae in my fish tank or get Michael to focus for more than 3 seconds—I don’t even want someone to tell me how to get Pierce to use the potty, even though that would be great information—my head swims with obligations that I try desperately to avoid!  Bless all of you who believe in something and want to talk about it—let us believe all that the Universe always provides enough of what we need to be willing to share it, and that we all reach the dreams we have for ourselves through writing. 

Be careful what you like, Peeps!  You just got two posts in a single day for being so gracious.  Now, what the hell am I going to write tomorrow?