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Arghhh!  I have been trying to list Michael’s twin bed headboard, footboard, and rails and also our crib and mattress on Craigslist for two days.  I keep waiting for a response from Craigslist that it is confirmed and out there getting viewed and desired by a million people.  Nothing…

Tonight in my frustration, for the third time I went to create a new post since there is no evidence of my prior two in my account.  First it asks what city to advertise in.  Then, am I posting a job, an item, a lover, or the desire for any of these things?  Then, what kind of item am I selling: automobile, baby things, furniture, blah…blah…blah.  The first two times I posted immediately under “furniture” specifying the fabulous Ethan Allen name with all of the romance language needed to lure in a buyer.  This last attempt was when I noticed the “baby and kids things” category.  Wow!  I could I miss that!  Even better!  Then I read the print in parentheses.  This is what it states:  (no illegal sales of banned cribs, e.g. drop-side cribs).  Crap.  No wonder why they hadn’t sent me a confirmation…

All this freakin’ legislation.  I get quality and safety standards, but to make all cribs in existence prior to the last 7 months not re-sellable—or even donate-able is B.S.  As a parent, I get wanting our kids to be safe and the overwhelming fear of losing a child, but geez—34 infants died in the past 10 years because of faulty or worn out drop down crib sides.  Couldn’t we just have legislated better quality control standards on the mechanism and build—maybe a universal mechanism that works on all cribs so it could be easily purchased, rather than banish all used cribs to landfills after a certain date?  In my listing, I even specified that it was a drop down side with all brand new hardware for the mechanism.  At the very least, legislate that all manufacturers have to offer a hardware solution to immobilize the drop down sides, therefore making them stationary. 

The law states that too many cribs had faulty hardware, or that it broke from wear and tear causing a gap that a child could get caught in between the mattress and the side that could cause suffocation.  It warned that all parts should be replaced or the crib should not be used until they were.  Do not use, string, duct-tape, wire or rope to secure the side of the crib should the mechanism break!  PUH-lease!  Duct-tape is the GREATEST! it’s probably safer than the original hardware!  (Truth be told, I had to replace my mechanism hardware, because after two rambunctious boys, it broke—zip ties worked pretty good for a while—but you didn’t get the idea from me.  Pierce even lived to tell about it, too!) 

I believe in legislating relative safety with companies producing products and work environments, but to tell everyone who raised their children in drop-side cribs that they can’t advertise the resale of their used crib is ridiculous.  Here sits this beautiful Ethan Allen sleigh crib with new hardware and a convenient drop down-side, and now I don’t know what to do with it.  Even if I wanted to do an awesome finish on it and sell it as a hand-painted piece, I can’t.  Next thing I know, my government will be outlawing bicycles, swing sets, trampolines, and skateboards for the obvious threats they pose to our health and well-being.  Give us the information and let us decide which risk is worth taking!  God!  We get more paranoid and victimized with each decade–it’s a wonder any of us survive! 

Anyway–anyone want a beautiful drop side, Ethan Allen crib?  Infants—sleep, roll, and cry—at your own risk.